Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last summer road trip...part 1!

As summer came to a close there were a few last minute MUST do items on our summer bucket list.
I did let go of the pressure to conquer that mother completely.  But there were certain things that I was going to be sad about if we didn't cross them off.  

One of them was getting down to my mom and dads.  
We had seen them a lot this summer but not at "home." 
So we manipulated Ed's work travel so that I drove to my parents and he flew in later that week to spend the weekend with us and then drove home with us...after our final adventure. 

So I tackled one more summer road trip with my tribe of three...we began on Wednesday.
On Thursday we spent the day with my mom, sister, her boys, and my Aunt.

My mom walked out to the pier with Charley!  Cool!

The boys played at the beach for HOURS.
We took a quick break to eat lunch at Skips...a bucket list item.
And then the boys returned to the beach with Grandma and I took Syd home for a nap.

But Syd was there at the beach all morning and she finally relaxed enough to play in the sand a bit.

It is always good to be home.
And whether it is for a day or a week. 
I savor every minute of it. 

On Friday we continued on with our journey...and crossed another state line ....stay tuned!

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