Thursday, August 16, 2012

Syd's strut

There are many lessons our children teach us.
But gazing at this little sassy girl I have to laugh.
Today I could have tried to model her attitude in this picture when...

1. I walked out of turning in Henry's preschool registration papers to the new to us and  religious based program.  I stood chatting with the older church preschool principal type lady for a good 10 minutes...and upon walking out I noticed Syd had pulled down half of my dress top and had exposed my bra the entire time.  Oh ya!  I am sure they are glad to be welcoming our high class respectable family.  Looking forward to leaving a better second impression since our first will be hard to erase from their memory.  (Hey, at least I had a bra on, am I right, CF?)

I also could have modeled her strut when....

2.  Attempting the dealership carwash, where we get free carwashes and they no longer have a guy there helping people get on the track, the guy in front of us did something to jam the wash but I thought it was me so I panicked and backed up, rolling over the roller pushy thingy throwing the thing off track, making it my fault too.  For about 5 minutes while they tried to fix it ...I worried I had broken their carwash.  After fixing it the dealership guy just smiled and guided our van into the wash...maybe my right bra covered boob was still showing.  Who knows...I am just glad he smiled and waved us through.

I actually did strut my stuff as we exited the library, after trying the neighboring county's library that we have heard such great things about.  Registering our cards so we could check out books allowed me to learn that they don't know about our late fees at our actual county's library.  New start!  I will do better.  Promise!



Jane said...

OMG me laughing so I could paint a picture in my mind as this unfolded.....loved the pic....must say rather than looking like grandma Laverne who she shares her middle name with......she resembles...grandpa with out his teeth!

Crystal said...

This post cracked me up! And what a great moment you captured with that photo - love it!

Danifred said...

This picture kills me! So funny.


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