Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Hour chit chat...

Love the game Farkle..I tend to go for it...DO NOT take me to Vegas if you play safe.  The boys saw the little canister laying around and wanted to play.  I feared the adding of points with I looked on the ipad for the Farkle app.  Sure enough.  SO fun to start to see if you have a "GO FOR IT" kid or a "PLAY IT SAFE" kid.

Being a woman is hard.  The roller coaster of emotions and moods that hit you throughout a month's time is overwhelming.  While loading the car yesterday at my in laws I pretty much shoved Charley out of the way and into the wall with my arm full of bags because I was irritated to have to travel - childish - yes.  This morning during my workout I wanted to cry with my trainer.  This afternoon while playing Farkle I wanted to scream "BOOYA!" when I chanced it and it paid off....what's next?

Ed wanted to finally sit down and go over our budget with has been 10 years.  Unfortunately, he found me sound asleep by the time he came up ready to discuss.  If we have that plan every night I will get my 8 hours of sleep, no problem.

I trek across Wisconsin again this weekend.  But on my own.  Dreading the drive.  But excited to hang with my sister and family.  As I get older I realize how special it is to hang out with extended family. 

Today I bought a pill case that is divided up into the days of the week.  I am hoping this helps motivate me to take my vitamins.  What vitamins do you take?

Charley asked me if we could go get school supplies yet?  "I don't want to!"-- said while stomping my foot. Today on the radio the guy said parents spend an average of 600 some dollars on school stuff at the beginning of the year.  Not this mama.  Charley has used the same backpack since his first year of preschool.  This year he will need some new running shoes and a new lunch box.  But that's it.  Clothes shopping can wait...since he will most likely grow to catch up with his friend Elly in the next month. 

Henry finds pure joy in some many simple things lately.  I forget that he is four and that many things are still pretty new to him.  I think he SEEMS to remember things because Charley talks about them enough that he thinks he remembers them too.  But I am seeing lately, that summer for a four year old is still pretty awesome and new. 

We have had glimpses of fall air around these parts.  Cooler temps, days when our windows could be open, jeans were pulled from the bottom of drawers.  Though my stomach drops and my heart thuds loudly when I think of summer ending, so bittersweet.  I can see that Charley is ready for school and fall is a pretty darn wonderful time of year too. 

We are pet sitting this week for our neighbors.  We have Coconut the hamster in the house this week.  ALL three children are very infatuated with the little thing.  Sydney is thrilled to see it's little nose twitch as it tries to nibble it's finger.  Last night we let it sniff our hand from outside the cage and fed it popcorn...and after the kids were in bed I couldn't resist giving it a carrot stick.  Tonight they hope to watch him run around in the ball.  We'll make sure the basement door is closed :)

The other day I saw a lady having a yard sale, and I call it yard sale because she literally had 8 tables all over her yard piled with kids' clothes.  I would like to have those tables on my yard for three days just for sorting purposes.  I have so much boy stuff and then Syd's stuff that I need to go through and return to people, donate, sell, keep...lend....ugh.  Just overwhelming.  I should just have Ed do it and that would simplify it very quickly.

Making dinner is a bummer for me these days. Tonight might just be a healthy portion of pickles from our pickle jarring extravaganza this weekend.   I am looking forward to being inspired by my sister-in-law in the not to distant future...How's that for pressure :)

A friend lent me Kelle Hampton's book Bloom over the weekend.  And being up north with a Grandma that spent lots of time with her grand kids...meant, I got to read the book in two days.  IT WAS THAT GOOD.  SO inspiring.  SO MUCH to take from it.

Time to pack up the pool bag - they have towels at our pool.  It is the biggest treat to go and not have to lug towels to and from.  SERIOUSLY. 

Maybe you are reading this during happy hour...that was my intention.  My glass needs a refill.  I have swtiched from white wine to red recently.  I have rambled on long enough.  Your turn!  Cheers.


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