Thursday, August 2, 2012

I just can't hold it in...

I have had a rush of emotions the last two days as I take in some of the politics that get spewed on Facebook so easily.  I say spewed because I hate Facebook politics.  I think it is way too easy to post some opinion or statement without having to say it to someone's face.  And lately, I have honestly felt uncomfortable knowing that family or friends are voicing their opinions about issues that  I disagree with.  I RARELY type about politics on my blog or Facebook because...

1.  I honestly do not pay enough attention to current events to stand up for my opinion in an argument. 
2.  I hate to think I am offending someone one way or another without speaking to them face to face where they can share their opinion.  

Sadly, I will admit that I can say that often times I get my news on Facebook (I have some extreme republican friends and extreme democratic friends) and then I go digging deeper if it is something that settles in my mind or heart and I am interested to learn more.   Or I email my good friend Kim who has this amazing ability to explain it to me in a just the right way.   Otherwise, the news isn't on because it is too depressing and too graphic for the kids.  

So lately, there have been all these posts about this chicken fast food restaurant, that I hear makes delicious food, but they took a stand against gay marriage.  Do not get me wrong, I think it is fine for people to take stands and eat good chicken sandwiches.  I just am amazed at this stand and disturbed by it.  I am also feeling sick to my stomach that a few friends and family are making comments that obviously show their support for this Chicken restaurant's opinion.  

It makes me want to cry that I am part of a generation that I know my children and grandchildren will look back on and wonder what the heck was our deal.  Why were people against gay marriage?  I know that I will be embarrassed some day to look back and think I was alive when people discriminated in ways that left high school children taking their lives because of brutal bullying and acts of prejudice.  

It wasn't that long ago when people were discriminated against in ways that blow my mind...blacks and whites couldn't ride the same bus? WHAT?!  Women couldn't vote?!  And the list goes on.  Again, I am not someone who verbalizes my views in a confident or strong manner but last night going back and forth with one of my best college friends, we both decided we couldn't stand it.  I almost felt like not saying anything was like standing next to the bully on the playground and not doing anything to stop it and isn't that just as bad.  

So on facebook I posted this image and got 5 likes.  

And that makes me sad. 
I just don't get how this issue is even an issue. 

Our children will grow up with friends and family who have families that look different. 
Here is the thing - Families already look so different. 
And all I can wish for any human being is to feel loved, safe, wanted, and respected.  I wish for all children to find themselves growing up in homes where they have multiple role models who support, teach, and inspire them to be the best human being they can.  And if that means they are living in a house with their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, two dads, a foster home, two moms, or a single mom who is doing her very best...well damn, the point is that they are loved and safe.  

Watching the Olympics you can see that our world is full of differences. 
But the Olympic competitors show up and preform and master incredible feats...whether they were raised away from their families, in dusty homes with dirt floors, by single mothers, or sitting on a stool at their granite counter-topped kitchen eating good ol' Cheerios.  

Our world is a changing.
And I PRAY that when my children look back in 50 years they NEVER think I supported the idea that people couldn't be married or that people couldn't join together to pay taxes or that people couldn't speak for another's end of life wishes....all because of who they loved. 

Someone posted this on Facebook too yesterday...

Being gay is not a choice.
Being a bigot is.

Ain't that the truth.  

Again, I am not trying to offend anyone or strike up some political argument.  
I just feel this heavy burden on my shoulders and I just can't shake it. 

Standing in line for 30 minutes at a chicken restaurant and voicing this on Facebook when you don't normally post your dinner plans...and then having someone say they love said chicken restaurant and all they stand for - makes me physically ill.  It is so subliminal and such a scared way of supporting something that I think is so incredibly wrong.  I pray that those that are not openminded enough to support marriage for all are not in any position to love and support a child that is just trying to find their way in life to be happy, loved, and supported...and might find this love and support in a less traditional way.  

I admit again that I not vocal or educated on all the politics that go on out there. I guess I believe what Mother Teresa states here...

I concentrate hard on raising my children to be good people who are openminded, kind, and willing to see the best in everyone.

Happy Thursday!  

A great article.


Anonymous said...

Well said. There is too much judgement in this world. I know nothing about this chicken restaurant so I shouldn't say too much...but I think you spoke a ton of truth and I agree with your comparison to looking back and can't believe we discriminated against other races. Seems so ridiculous. I also think you have a right to voice yourself just as much as anyone else, especially when you do it with respect and your blog is a great outlet for that. Rr

Theresa said...

Great, great, great, great post. Love the quote someone put on facebook about choosing to be a bigot...

Anonymous said...

Such good points, Sarah. The great thing about a venue such as Facebook or a blog is that people can voice their opinions or thoughts, and like you wrote, others can research and dig and find more information. But, it takes a different turn when you feel like a post or comment comes from hate or discrimination. And, I think that's the difference here. I agree, seeing pictures of families posing and smiling in front of the chicken restaurant puts a pit in my stomach.

~You know who :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME post! I was thinking the same thing as I was watching the news story about people waiting in a super long line to eat at that chicken place. I hope some day very soon they are so embarrassed that they did such a thing. And really...what does fast food have to do with marriage anyway???

Stacey said...

You have taken my thoughts and expressed them is a much more articulate way. I have been comparing the equality of homosexuals to the equality of blacks and women for a few years now (since Iowa's supreme court took a stand). Love this post.

Lizzy said...

This is SO well said. During a graduate course this morning, one of my colleagues presented on Ruby Bridges, a girl who integrated the public schools in Louisiana in 1960. When this woman showed pictures of people protesting Ruby's entrance into the school, I couldn't help but think about this debate. It wasn't so long ago that people were 100% morally opposed to school integration, interracial marriage, and desegregation of public places. Fifty years from now, I can only hope that this restaurant's stance seems as cruel and ridiculous as the stance of the protestors of integration.

That was just so, so well said. Thank you.

Roz said...

Amen, sister.
Great post.


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