Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting all crafty...retro-ish

Okay ladies, who remembers these loopy things?

Well we hit up a craft store and scored some. 
And Charley went to work on his Grandma Charlie's birthday present.

We know her life won't be complete until she owns one of these hand made beauties. 
Unfortunately, the potholder is pretty we are thinking it will work slick as a coffee coaster.

After we made the potholder my memory kicked in and I remembered how to make these...

Charley whipped out several headbands, belts, and bracelets this afternoon.  Addicting.

And Henry took a stab at it and did pretty well, with a little help from me. 

Here is a finished product.  
I am thinking this is might be a nice car activity too.  
The possibilities are endless...necklaces, hairbands, bracelets, headbands, belts, lasso's, ropes, and more.

I think the kit with the loops and the potholder loom cost about 5 bucks. 
And an extra bag of loops was 3.99.
If you live in the area and would like your child to learn how to make the bracelet thingy...stop over.  

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Anonymous said...

Haha I do remember these things. I'd like one please....rr


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