Thursday, July 26, 2012

Really quick update...

What's happening here... Another rainy day and my sister and I are thinking it might be our margarita day. This means my mom whips out her blender and makes them....usually it is bright and sunny. But two rainy days in a row mean the kids are bouncing off he walls and so we are thinking we will need a margarita to go with the "shooters" that we are about to get out. Yesterday we did the run into town to visit the back room of a gift shop where there is a wall of play guns, swords, axes, and other north woods toys.

Quarters at restaurants.
Mac and cheese hair is fantastic.

Full days are happening here as all kids have been up by 7 am.
Moments with daddy.

Family of four!

The ladies gather to talk books, knitting, recipes, and vent about the dirt that is starting to layer up in the cabins.

Bedtime rolls around and he mama's snap a few last pictures for the day.

And these toes are just something to take in.

Hughie isn't getting the point of sleeping at the cabin.  He doesn't want to miss a beat.
Sadly, that means mama and papa are more tired than they wish to be. 

but my crew builds Lego stuff before bed.

with grandpa.

Charley played a game of pool.

And the lecture that back in the day we didn't have microwaves, phones, TVs, or ipads to occupy our time with.  But man alive, we sure do appreciate these fine conveniences today.


Loco YaYa said...

i do not know if i have ever commented before. but i read. all the time. from long hair to the short...which by the way i think is super cute! and i am tons jealous. i love love your photos. always great. and your blog is wonderful.

because i could not remember if i have ever commented i figured i should do it. today.

jessica said...

wonderful pictures Sarah!

Danifred said...

Mac and cheese hair is simply fabulous.


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