Friday, July 27, 2012

boys will be boys

A few years ago, the boys were too little, but I was up north on my own with Charley and Henry.  Back when we had two Ed only came for a few days. 
And it rained and we went into town for an adventure. 
We came across a souvenir shop that had a back room with a wall of toy guns and gadgets. 
Toys you don't find in our neck of the woods back home.  
We have aisles with nerf type guns but Target doesn't have the realistic cowboy shooters.
Charley's eyes lit up and a tradition began.

In our world, especially lately, there are such major tragedies happening with guns and as a mama who before having children said, "My kids won't play with guns."  My heart often hurts seeing my boys turn sticks and tinker toys into guns.  But for some natural reason boys seem to be drawn to the idea of shooters.  And I wrestle with taking them away and banning them from the house...but their play is not that violent.  And in my eyes it kinda is just a boys will be boys thing at this stage of the game. 

They don't play violent video games and they aren't 12 running around acting out violent acts.  
They are playing Star Wars and Cowboys etc.
And we are always right there throwing our two cents into their play so they understand what they are saying and doing.

So we once again traipsed into town and visited the back room. 
And then my sister's mother in law sent along a bag of nerf guns and empty water bottles to shoot at.  
And so yesterday afternoon, while the rain paused, the boys had a hay day with "shooters."

Boys will be boys.
And my sister and I will continue to cringe and carry the fear on our shoulders
 that we are screwing up.

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Don't stress it. It is definitely a boy thing and its not a bad thing. It's just unfortunate that some people make bad choices. "But we don't" and that's pretty much how we sum it up here. I loved the pictures of the boys on the boat in their little red life jackets! You are having so much fun!


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