Monday, July 16, 2012

Pool time and frozen yogurt were on the menu here today

Last night we ended here...

And this morning we started right back here.
We had the pool all to ourselves for the first 25 minutes.  
Kinda heavenly.

A friend commented that she can't wait for next summer at the pool with this age...let me tell you..she is cruising the pool deck or finding more entertainment in flinging things from my beach I am lapping the pool, squatting down and picking things up a lot, and bending over and praying that no one is directly behind me ;)

But the pool has been my favorite and my best this summer so far.  We had to take a little break from it due to Henry's surgery and then some illness.  But being able to go for an hour or two or only a half...and putting the boys to bed after a late evening dip - bliss.  PURE.  

It is hot out today.  So we continued our day with some icy treats at a new frozen yogurt shop in our area.  The boys were in heaven picking a few flavors and squirting it into their dish all. by. themselves.  
And then adding some toppings. 

Charley was focused.

And enjoyed every last drop.

Henry was determined to also get every single drop.
Seriously, the kid could almost get his entire face in his dish.

Sydney started out pretty focused on the consumption of her treat...

But then got distracted...

It was way too hot to do much else but chill at the pool and consume icy cold treats.

Tomorrow is a new day, for more adventures. 
It's here.  We best get going.


The Tompkins Family said...

Your pool kicks butt!! So jealous!

Danifred said...

I know next summer won't be easy, but I'm just hoping for a little greener grass on those pool days. :)

Oh, and I agree with Tasha- your pool rocks!


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