Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Insta-catch up

I love that doctor office's still have fish tanks that keep all three of my kiddos entertained ... since, I don't allow them to touch any of the toys or books in the waiting room. 

When this Cowboy Caviar recipe is in the fridge...it never lasts long.  It makes for a great mid morning snack...and Sydney loves it too. 

Sydney has a thing about birds.  She loves them.  And when we were travelling we stopped for lunch on the shores of Lake Superior and she almost caught that friendly seagull who really just wanted some of Henry's lunch.


I always swore that I would never own a mini-van. 
But seriously, I don't know how people survive without that space in the middle of the front seats...or the 16 cup holders...This is our season.

Most of our summer road trips this summer are traipsing around Wisconsin...which means string cheese is sold at the gas stations.  Yummy.


And gas stations are sometimes not located when we want them...but lovely rolling farm fields are always close by.

And Miss Sydney is just not as good a traveller as the boys were at this age. 
But travelling 20 hours in a week span...well she finally learned that a little nap was okay.
She is like her mama in the "I can't sleep in the car because I might miss something" way.

Staying in a hotel as a family of five means daddy takes the boys to the pool and mama puts Sydney down for a nap and then hangs out in the bathroom with her ipad and coffee until Syd is asleep.  Completely normal, right.

I think we are on year three of our raspberry bushes and I can finally say that we have raspberries.  Syd knows where they are and we can get a nice size bowl almost daily lately.  Now that it has been so dry I can see it ending.  But, when they are typically $2.99-3.99 a small container at the grocery store...I can now say we are reaping the benefits of having raspberry bushes.

Happy Hour means mama sits and the kids get dirty with chalk in the late afternoon sun.
Waiting for daddy to call to let us know what his timing is for the day.
Some days we wait longer than others.  But we roll with it just fine.

When our gracious friends gave us their bedroom set they sent us a picture and their bedside table had a nice stack of books on it and I said, when I have that bedside table I am going to keep it clean and clutter free.  I can say that most of the time...it is looking like this.  Pretty good. right?


Scored a grocery bag of legos for $5.00 and it kept the kids busy for hours. 
Garage sale boxes of legos are the best because it is a treasure box to the kids.  They find all sorts of goodies and then can spend hours creating with their imagination. 
We do always explore them outside on a blanket since there are often lots of junk and garbage and dog hair in these boxes too. 

This last weekend I took the kids out for lunch and Sydney wanted to try dipping her french fries like her brothers.  It was kinda cute.

And here she is again eating her banana frozen yogurt..with a runny nose.

I love that my phone is around to capture quick moments.
I wonder what I will capture today. 

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Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love cavier dip. Love mini vans, couldn't survive without one as well.

Love your ballet flats.

And curious, what books are on that night stand? Share please:)

Cheese curds, num...gonna have to get some more of those soon.


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