Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where we are at this Wednesday morning...

Happy Wednesday!


I got to go to my gym class like normal this morning.
I got to return home to three semi-happy kiddos awake and busy.
I got a kiss good-bye from my Ed.
I got to make the kids a double batch of waffles so we are set for the week.
I got to have two over-easy eggs on one piece of toast (breakfast -aren't you proud Raina and mom!)
I got to drink a cup of coffee without reheating it.
I got Sydney down for an early morning nap.
I got to blog while the boys create their own game with the Stratego board game pieces.

I get to wander the pool deck with Miss Syd while the boys get their swim on.
I get to embrace our first rainy day of summer (possibly). 
I get to read a few books to Henry so he can knock off a few of his library program books.
I get to see if the boys will get excited for a little play dough fossil action at the kitchen table.
I get to have them help make lunch (English muffin pizzas).
I get to dry clothes in the dryer and not worry about the possible rain interrupting my laundry routine.

I plan to have music playing in the background today.
I plan to light a candle if the rain falls.
I plan to bake some cookies or brownies if the moment calls for a treat.
I plan to not use the car after noon today.

Yesterday's summer notebook activities:

Charley took his first 1 minute time test.  He took the zeros and passed easy peasy (20 problems in one minute! working our way up to the 100 problems in 5 minute goal of second grade).  I also typed up Charley's Boy Scout camp packing list and cut them up and he had to put them in alphabetical order and glue them in his book.  Today he can begin packing. 

Henry played some ABC memory and put the right amount of stickers next to the number on the paper (3 - three stickers, 10- ten stickers etc.)

Miss Sydney doesn't have a notebook but she almost has the skill of opening the back sliding door perfected.  Not good.  Need to get a bell or something so I hear that sucker when she weasels her way out and then stands and proudly babbles. 

Wednesday has arrived.
Where you at?


Theresa said...

She is such a doll!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Fun summer notebook activities. What a little doll, love the look of mischief in her eyes in that second pic. I remember those days, so fun, so busy.
I am doing laundry today, lots of it. And staying put for the day...I think, never know with me. Outside time I think is calling

Danifred said...

Those pictures are darling!


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