Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And we're off...

Summer has officially started. 
I announced yesterday the official start since it was the first day of a full week.
We were up at 0' too early in the morning but everyone was smiley.
Swimming lessons got us out of the house.

Home for naps.

Then a quick stop at the library to get registered for the summer reading program.
I can tell we will need to frequent the library every week.  Charley was non-stop reading after that and is going to devour books this summer and I want to keep him motivated.  
We ran into his teacher and her son there.  
Sydney feels very at home at the library and waddles all over like she owns the place. 

Henry got his adenoids looked at with a fancy schmancy flashlight.
What a brave boy.  Though a bit enlarged...his symptoms don't signal surgery. 
So we don't have that to add into the upcoming surgery extravaganza.

An ice cream treat afterwards for our brave boy...
did you know a single 99 cent ice cream cone can bring tears to too many people.
I HATE when I finally announce special treat and it doesn't go well. 
We are better off just sticking to the basic Popsicle or bowl of fishy crackers right at home.

Our summer notebooks are starting to fill up. 
We stapled in our summer reading recording sheets.
And we filled out a little summer interview that included questions like:
How old are you?
What are you most excited to do this summer?
What restaurant do you want to go to?
What friends do you want to play with?

Soccer practice was windy but good.
And then this mama met the challenge of NOT rushing home and getting all riled up that it was past their bedtime.  All three kids wandered off to build Lego's and I made some dinner.  We kept Sydney up until 8, which paid off because she slept til almost 7.  Yippee.
And I actually stayed energized and hit the grocery store at the quiet hour of 8pm.  Heavenly and so glad this morning not to have that hanging over my head.
And Henry is still sleeping and it is almost 7:30.

Today we have swim and the almighty Dryer guy is coming to make the repair. 
And then there will be some heavy duty laundry catch up happening around these parts. 
Depending on when and how long that takes we might hit up the mall for the boys wedding attire.  Otherwise, today will be a day of relishing what summer is meant to be about...slow, quiet, boring moments that spur their imagination to either drive their mama batty or come up with some incredible new thing to play.  We'll see.  

Coffee's on!
Workout accomplished.
All three kiddos are now up. 
And we're off!


Barb said...

Loving your summer feelings and letting them stay up a few minutes to help you relax at night without that rush. Such cute pix of Miss Syd!

jessica said...

Love the picture of Syd!


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