Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday at O'dark thirty

Happy Saturday morning.

It is early here. 
And me and my little early bird know how to enjoy the quiet.
sippy cup...check.
bowl of cheerios to be spilled three times on the floor...but it's fun to pick them up right?....check.
mama's phone in case Aunt Raina wants to text...check.
chair moved to the front door so Miss Syd can bird watch, Dottie watch (the neighbor's pup), and chipmunk watch.....check.
Evidence that yesterday was a pony tail sprout hairdo day...check.
coffee brewing.
Sun is shining.
Saturday lays ahead of us, waiting to be conquered.
And to think ten years ago I would have slept half the day away....
spending the o'dark thirty hours with this sweetie pete is WAY more precious!


jessica said...

Love the sweet picture of Syd!

Raina and Andy said...

Thanks for being ready for me syd. I of course needed you guys. Love a special mama daughter morning?, rr

Anonymous said...

Harlowe and I walked to Dunn Bros at 630am, dang! I shouldve texted you! Next time... :)


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