Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ramblings ....

What does a mama do three hours from her son's surgery.  She rambles on her blog and hopes for her email to ding to distract her.

Good job, Jaime.  Of all my Facebook friends and blog friends and family...she was the only one to notice the error I made on the date on this post.  June 23...not July 23.  Glad that Liz didn't catch that...otherwise instead of relaxing on her honeymoon...she would still be glueing little circles into beautiful flower like pompons.

Henry is hopping around and totally distracted.  I am a loose ends and have no idea what to do with myself.  We leave for the hospital in a bit.  There are about 4 minutes left of the time period where he can drink and eat jello, popsicles, and clear fluids.

The irrational mama thoughts right now involve the heat making the hospital's electricity go out during surgery...but generators should kick in, right?  And there is no need for an elevator where we are going?  And that kind of stuff only happens on Grey's Anatomy, Right?

I am still enjoying each picture I have from the wedding.  There will be a stready stream shared ...I am guessing for the next month.  Since, I don't have time right now to just sit and pick and choose and play and edit.

Sydney's favorite toy right now are the Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers.  She carries them around and sticks them in little nooks and crannies of her choosing.  Her favorite spot is the freezer in the play kitchen.

This week we have no where we have to be all week...besides Henry's surgery today.  There are no camps, lessons, or organized activities.  Yesterday we hit the library -spur of the moment and we went to the pool for an hour.  Otherwise, we hung out at home and just went with the flow.  This is what summer is all about to me.  This is why I signed up for the very minimum of summer activities.  I want summers to be about surviving each other, enjoying each other, growing stronger bonds, and having my children remember the simple little things that made summer - summer.

Right now there is teddy bear football going on in front of me.  I have told them to stop three times.  And I am trying to stay calm and be thankful that Henry is distracted.  There is a small part of me that wishes we could bring Charley so Henry had the distraction and the support of his big brother.  But I know it will be too long for Charley and it will distract me.

I wish I could sit down with a bottle of wine with my brother and Liz and my sister and mom and dad and process the whole wedding weekend.  My sister has emailed me thoughts here and there and it is so fun to hear what everyone picked up on for details and favorite parts.

We had some trees taken down in our yard.  And it is amazing how that changes the feel in our yard.  We also had some trees cleaned up.  So we can see more of our neighbors but it also makes our yard seem a little bigger.  Our raspberry bushes are producing a lot this year and now they should get even more sun so I figure this can only mean good things.

Since we are all doing the jello and popsicle diet today...except for some coffee I snuck.  I fear that I am going to be weak.  The plan is to eat a sub while Henry is in surgery...but I am feeling butterflies already so not sure if that is going to let a sub be consumed.  Obviously, these days...I am going to keep coming back to the surgery and the wedding.  Time to stop rambling and finish packing our bags.

Thoughts and prayers at 2pm please.


Shannon said...

sending prayers your way sarah!

Beth said...

Thinking of you and your little Henry. Praying for a quick recovery.


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