Wednesday, June 27, 2012

brave boy.

Today Henry is going to put on his superhero cape and his brave face. 
He is going to do something that I have never done. 
Surgery for a four year old will be a new experience for this little guy,
and for his mama.  
(Hernia - groin and belly button)

And me - I will put on my supermama cape and 
advocate - advocate - advocate for what my little guy needs. 
Someone reminded me yesterday that doctors and nurses are experts on all things medical,
 but Ed and I are experts on all things Henry.  

Thoughts and prayers, please.

Meanwhile, we if you are looking for us we will be overdosing on popsicles 
and Grandma Barb's finger jello all morning.  

Thanks Aunt Jane from Okinawa, Japan for coming to help take care of Henry's idol, Charley, and his love, his mama and daddy can relax and be there for him.  

1 comment:

Grandma Charlie said...

Love, love, love is flowing to our brave boy. His smile will light up the hospital!


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