Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday morning chat....

So, let's pretend we escaped to the coffee shop around the corner.
A brisk walk got us there.  There is a little table outside waiting for us.
I order a "Grande Non-fat Vanilla Latte No foam"  breathe.
And we sit.
The sun warms our face and we wish we had our sunglasses.
But we'll survive.

For curiosity's sake...reality is that I just got back from my second official spin class and I HATE it.  I haven't fallen in love with spin class.  But I sweat a whole bunch and my water bottle is empty when I get home.  And changing up the workout routine is good.  So we will continue...plus today I got to peddle sandwiched between two beautifully sweaty mamas....Thanks Amy and Jessie for being crazy and being there this morning.  Returning home it is quiet, Henry is the only one up.  I poured myself a cup of coffee and here I sit.

But back to the coffee shop...
What would I babble about today...

1.  This weekend when Ed's mom was here she had me try on my bridesmaid dress so she could alter it a bit.  She just looked and didn't pin or measure anything.  When I returned home on Sunday she was sitting and working on it.  She finished it and I decided I would wait til morning to put it on.  As I was falling asleep I said to Ed, "If your mom can really alter that dress without marking, pinning, or measuring, just giving it a little tug...she once again proves her sewing Goddess status in this world."  The next morning I put it on, skeptical, I will admit.  And guess what...the thing fit perfect.  Geez.  She is one amazing lady!  And then she stictched up a throw pillow that was coming apart.  The lady never rests. 

2.  Charley came home from school the other day carrying a piece of paper.  And when he is carrying a note from school I know it is VERY exciting or VERY important.  He handed it to me and announced that he really wanted to play the violin next year.  WOO HOO!  He asked me nervously if he thought that would be okay.  I tried to restrain my excitement just a little bit...but was so excited.  There are certain things in life that I really hope my children try....and music is one of them.  I played flute through high school...and even though I may not have always played proudly and often was embarrassed...I played, loved it, and look back at it as one of the best decisions my parents made to support that activity. 

3.  When I arrived home on Sunday Sydney was napping, Grandma Charlie was sewing, Charley was at a birthday party, and Henry and Ed were running an errand.  Henry has told me at least three times that he and daddy took Charley to the party, got a carwash, and then went to Target but didn't buy any toys, "We just looked."  It makes me realize that it is the little simple things that can mean the most.  And running errands with daddy -- just Henry and Daddy -- obviously left a lasting impression.

4.  We are still pondering our Memorial Day weekend.  If we don't travel to see family I want us to push ourselves to have some adventure at some point during the weekend.  We rarely go "do things" on the weekend.  Ed and I are home bodies and weekends often are a chance to get things done around the house.  But I am realizing more and more that getting out of the house as a family - even if it is just to the park - allows us to all just enjoy each other.  Obviously moods, energy, and behavior all come into play but typically - out and about means mama and daddy aren't distracted by to do lists.

5.  I hung some wind chimes that were Ed's grandma's by our back window.  Sydney smiled and was so excited by them.  Especially the ones with the wood hummingbird. 

6.  While the boys are at school today Syd and I need to get to the grocery store.  I need to make a plan first. 

7.  We have truly lucked out so far with spring soccer.  The weather has been beautiful for all the Monday night practices so far.  But I have to say that getting us all out the door with soccer socks and shin guards on and bellies full with dinner is TERRIBLE.  I NEVER win a mama of the year award around 5pm on Monday nights.  There is usually some repetitive reminding of what they need to do that escalates quickly into harsh snapping or yelling.  I am sorry but soccer socks and shin guards could seriously put this mama in the loony bin.  They are SO frustrating to get on.  And then we finally are all in the car and Ed calls and says in a really careful voice, "How's it going?"  You know the voice where he knows he could get blasted with a hormonal rage or an emotionally exhausted ramble...but often I am just glad that everyone is seat belted in and quiet - finally. 

8.  Syd has been sleeping later in the morning and it is a gift.  It is a schedule that would be really ideal for the summer ahead.  It would leave us with mornings to go do things...returning home for quiet afternoons, taking a break from the sun. 

9.  Bucket List....our summer bucket list is on the agenda for the coming week.  It is time to ponder and prepare for the upcoming months together.  I have some new ideas to put on our list.  I am excited.  So excited in fact that I wanted to do the list all by myself...but realized the point was to get the boys involved and excited.  So I will curb my enthusiasm until we can all sit down and accomplish it.

10.   Can I just say that Charley has only lost bottom teeth...and I have this fear that he is going to lose top ones right before the wedding.  I would really like the top ones to stay put until after my brother's wedding.  I know it is part of this age and stage...but with pictures....Just sayin'

Time to get rollin' here.
Back packs packed.
Lunches made.

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jessica said...

Always enjoy reading your updates. I think we need to have your MIL teach us some sewing basics. I would love to just be able to hem my jeans!

It was a good workout this morning, cheers to many more spinning classes together! We will love it, in time!


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