Monday, April 9, 2012

when the water gets shut off...

There is something about a water shut off warning that has me crazy this morning. A water main broke on our street and they said at 9am they would be shutting water off for a few hours. If all goes as planned it should just be a few hours. But I am preparing for the worst.

Quick- shower.
Quick- fill water bottles.
Quick- rinse morning dishes.
Quick- brush teeth twice.
Quick- go potty like 5 times.
Quick- make the boys go potty like 10 times.
Quick- fill pots for cooking and wiping faces.
Quick- fill pitchers for drinking.
Quick- wipe down counters and tables.
Quick- make plans to be out of the house because I can tell if I have to hang out here all I am going to feel like doing is wash, bathe, shower, and pee.


So Monday is off to a quick start here.
And we'll go with it.
Travel for us is done for a good month now. Yipee. Love it, don't get me wrong.
But man, two trips so close together had me overwhelmed yesterday afternoon about mid trip.

Seriously, there are five minutes until the water is to be shut off.
Better go pee one more time. Quick!


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

makes you wonder how you'd fair if there were a natural disaster and there was no water to be had. Way to plan ahead. I would never have thought to fill water bottles or pans.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

If you need a place to hang out this afternoon, give us a ring.


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