Friday, April 6, 2012

Kid Activity - Spring Scavenger Hunt

It's Friday and we are at Grandma's house.
And gazing out the window at the chipmunks and squirrels...or if we are lucky a deer or two. If we had been here Thursday night we could have helped get a black bear off the back deck.
My point, gazing out the window only lasts so long.
Then we have to get out there and explore.

Today we did a mid morning spring scavenger hunt.
The boys each got an egg carton with some plastic eggs.

Their challenge: find the list items with different items and the items have to fit in the repeats.

The whole thing had the boys and Sydney
 breathing in the fresh Northwoods air....

Our day continues with egg dying, naps, playing with classic toys in the warm afternoon sunlit front room, a walk to the park, and fresh fish dinner....and of course awaiting daddy's arrival.

Hope you have a very 'Good Friday' !!!
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shellycoulter said...

My goodness this is a fun idea! We do a variation of this with a bucket when we camp...but with eggs will make it even more fun! Stealing your idea for tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for sharing! :)

The Tompkins Family said...

You are such an inspiring and creative mama!

jessica said...

Great idea! I can't believe there was a black bear on the were not kidding when you said you might see a bear on your walk!

Stacey said...

What a fabulous and creative idea. It's almost like a reverse egg hunt. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah what about that bear?mrr


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