Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday ramblings...

 Here in Minnesota you can have these beauties blossoming in your neighbors yard one  day while you hang out in your driveway watching all the neighborhood kids swarm the street on their bikes and scooters...
And the next day the wind and rain and even some snow flurries can have you burrowing indoors.
I have packed all our snow pants, boots, and mittens away for the winter but the bin is still residing on our guest bed, easy access.  We have had to break into it at least twice in the last two weeks.

My sister and crew arrive with my mom on Thursday and the guest bed will need to be cozy and ready for guest sleepers.  So the bin will get put in the basement tonight and hopefully we won't have to see it until...next October or November.

This weekend I took the bin of library books that travelled to Grandma's house over the Easter weekend out and set it on the driveway.  And Henry plunked down and devoured a few books.

Something has been happening on our cul de sac that NEVER would have been allowed with Henry or Charley.  Miss Sydney is crawling from our house to the house across the street when given the freedom. 

She stops mid walk down our street, plops down, and finds the need to crawl onward.  Crawling is faster you know.  For a long time I picked her up and demanded walking feet on the road but it just was a battle that I wasn't winning.  So we are letting her get dirty, burn holes in her pants, explore the world, and attempt to keep up with the neighborhood boys.

I did think to pull out the crazy coop car the other day and that kept her on the grass and off her knees on the road for a good 30 minutes.  Yipee.

Breakfasts around these parts continue to go from scrambled eggs, to pancakes, to waffles, to an occasional cereal day and then once in a while we do cream of wheat.  I pour it on a plate after I cook it nice and thick.  The boys get a few sprinkles, because sprinkles are fun.  And Miss Syd gets it plopped on her tray.  It becomes a giant mess but she loves it. 

Yesterday I plunked her in the sink to wash her off.  She sat so nice and didn't splash too much.  I wonder if I could cook dinner with her in there? haha.  I don't think any of my boys got a sink bath.  So this was our first.  More pictures to come.

Last night I made this....Cilantro Lime Shrimp

And this Fiesta Lime Rice - Ed and I both loved.  Charley too. 

Sunday I made this Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Roll Ups, they were okay.  Easy for sure and I think easily modified with veggies or Italian sausage instead of chicken.

Tonight I am planning on this meal, however, Ed and Charley have to be somewhere for dinner so I might get lazy and plan this for a different night.

The rest of the week is a tad unplanned because my mom and sister arrive and that means celebration, playing, and gluten free meals come into play. 

Today Henry begins a four week swim camp and he is up for it.  Meaning, I don't think he is going to hesitate getting into the pool this time.  And I told him he could potentially catch up to his brother if he worked really hard at all the things the teacher asked him to do.  I listed all the skills they will be working on and reminded him that he did all those things at the hotel pools this past year or in the bathtub.  I am pumped to watch him take this on.  Lessons mean Miss Sydney's nap is going to be postponed a tad so things could get a tad dicey around noon today.  But we'll persevere.  If swim lessons mean that the club pool is more do-able for this mama of three then everyone will thrive so these lessons can happen. 

Miss Syd and I are on our own this morning and we plan to hit up the story time at the library.  She is a hoot lately at our Wednesday morning class.  When it is circle time she crawls to the middle and slaps her legs and claps and squeals during all the songs.  It is so darn cute - I know I am biased.  So Tuesday morning story time might start to be our little thing.  We'll see how she does. 

Good Tuesday to you.  And you.  And you.

Give a shout out and tell me what you are making for dinner or doing today?  Are you tackling something in your house this Tuesday afternoon or are you giving yourself permission to put your feet up and do something for yourself?  Do you have a goal this week you are working on?  Say hi! PLEEEEEASE!


The Tompkins Family said...

Hi! I enjoyed your update! Today the girls decided to start the day bright and early at 515. Shawn is out of town today so I wasn't able to workout first thing like I normally do. It's thrown off my day! We've had breakfast (steel cut oats), I've cleaned the bathrooms and now we're getting ready to leave for the library. Dinner is still up in the air. It will just be the girls and I so I might cheat and do a grilled cheese night! Have a fabulous day!

katie mattis sarver said...

Today is full of work at my desk, but I find it harder and harder to force myself to sit at my desk versus all of the other things I want/need to get done! Tonight we are going to start the baby registering process. Any good ideas or stuff to skip is greatly appreciated!

jessica said...

Your dinner pictures look so good! Way to go. I am going to try the Lasagna Roll and use sausage. I will let you know.

Loved reading your update!

Raina and Andy said...

Today I conquered paying the bills and a big kids rummage sale. Tonite we will do story time (the little boys and me) and I'll do bedtime n my own. Dinner will be some casserole that I am making up with ingredients in the cupboard. Love your pics and updates. See you SOON! RR

Anonymous said...

I am making Creamy Chicken Pesto & Bowtie Pasta from the back of a Philadelphia Cooking Creme package tonight. I would love to be cutting coupons and organizing them with Amber while Evelyn sleeps, but little Jimmy is kind of high maintenance and wants to be held a lot so I can hardly get things done! That's okay - I cherish the cuddles - and he gets LOTS of them! Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

Leftover pasta and pesto tonight. No projects ...just surviving as a coach 's wife. It's MCA time at school.

shellycoulter said...

All those meals look really yummy! :) Haven't made a menu for the week yet! Sheesh! Some weeks I'm on and some I'm not. Threw together dinner tonight...sausages cut up and cooked in the skillet. Fresh fruit and carrots. And biscuits with honey. Made me laugh when I got it all on the table. Nobody complained and all three of my guys ate really well...so I'll call it a win even though my Type-A personality was so disappointed in myself. haha!

Life was good today. Subbed for another SLP this morning. Grandparents came to watch the boys. They had a blast. Spent the afternoon cleaning up and picking out and ordering new running shoes. A great evening of laughter, puzzles, and playing with the boys. Now I'm trying with all my might not to talk to Matt while he writes a paper.

Loved your post, as always! I need to BLOG SO badly! I get so behind and then I just don't post. Sheesh! :)

Wish we could go out for coffee! I've been thinking about you...and happy you guys are to have Sydney. We are processing adding another kiddo and how long we want to wait. And how easy the boys are getting! So hard to know what the right move for our family is. But then I see your blog and I just think of a sweet little girl going to her big brothers swim lessons and I just want to have another one. Haha!

Have a great rest of your week! :)

Danifred said...

Tonight I cheated and picked up a chicken from the grocery store. I did make potatoes and a salad though!


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