Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My three....

Can I tell you something? ---a phrase you hear all too often by my eldest child.  Yes Charley, you say this before you tell us most things.  And I notice it most when we are at either Grandma's house and you are ready to babble on and on about all the things going on in your life.  And I can't help but roll my eyes when I hear it being asked to other people.  I think it is just something that is so natural in my everyday life that I tune it out.  But that quirk is a favorite. 

So, Can I tell you something?

I have three children and they are all their own little persons.  Their personalities emerge and change and grow and impress and frustrate and leave us in awe ... a little of Ed and a little of Sarah and a little of their own being appear before us each day.

And recently I had a few moments where I got to see my three show their little personalities. 

Sydney and I ventured to library storytime and when people sing she gets excited, claps when the room claps, and bounces so much you think she is going to topple over..and sometimes she does.  The boys were always more reserved.  But Miss Sydney...I think she is going to be twirling, singing, and enjoying circle time for many years to come. 

At Henry's swim lesson today I saw him put on his brave face and hop in the pool.  He warmed quickly to the teacher who we discovered LOVES pizza just as much as Hankers.  She was able to spout off every StarWars character that Henry could and knew the good from the bad.  She related each swim activity to StarWars and Henry proudly grinned through the whole thing.  I watched him shine.  And I loved it.  This boy has grown so much in the last year.  Maybe it was preschool.  Maybe it was less time with his big brother in his everyday moments.  Maybe it was just his time to grow and shine.  All I know, he is a cool kid.  And I am enjoying the pace he is setting for himself.  The ride is perfect for this mama. 

Again, at swim lessons, to occupy Miss Syd I gave her a pair of pink goggles and she attempted to put them on right away.  You know how horrid putting goggles on ...especially with dry hair.  She had no issue with me pulling them on her and she sat proudly, shaking her shoulders and watching Henry with her goggles on for a proud 5 minutes, at least.  She will be my pool jumper, street runner, circle time clown, soccer ball hog, little trooper who will most likely catch the biggest fish first this year on Grandpa Bob's boat.  I might need to wear my running shoes as I enjoy the ride Miss Sydney is giving me through motherhood. 

Mr. Charley will leave our house this evening as a Tiger Cub and return home a proud Wolf.  Thursday night he will perform in his first school performance (none of my kids have been up on stage for any singing things, sadly) and it is about time I get to proudly smirk at my eldest up on stage.  He even has a small speaking moment and I can't wait to see how that turns out.  Charley embraces his friend time, makes homework and spelling word practice a chore for both him and me, but continues to eat like a champ...I have had a hard time making enough food for him at all meals. 

Three children.
Three personalities.
Three rides that are keeping both his dad and I on our toes. 
Truly blessed and taking time today to appreciate the gifts I have been graced with...


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

thank you so much for your uplifting posts. We are having cleaning wars and yelling matches at my house today and it is wearing on me. I felt better after reading your post. a few more hours til bed time. I think I can I think I can. One of those days

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you something? Your kids are al sweet and kind. So well-mannered.


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