Monday, March 26, 2012

We did it.

Last week on Thursday I pondered travel with my tribe of three.  And I have to say that all the encouraging comments really helped me feel more confident in my decision.  One good friend even wrote what she called tough love:

"These are YOUR kids, not some one else's. You know them. You know what's going to work and what's not going to work. It's not the kids that you are nervous about, it's the confidence you have in yourself to be able to handle them. Why do you lack the confidence? Have you ever failed? I don't think so! You are a fantastic mom. You are well meaning. You are well planned. You are spontaneous. You are genuine. You can do this. The only person that thinks you can't is yourself. Get outside of yourself, see what every one else sees and know that you can do this. Yes, there will be rough patches, but there will also be rough patches if you were to stay home, so why not experience those rough patches either on your way or at your mom's house to spend time with Raina, Eli, and Hugh? Why not experience those rough patches on your drive back, rather than in your living room or front yard along with the regret of never having gone. It's okay to be nervous for new experiences but PLEASE don't doubt your ability. You are undermining yourself and all that you have done and still can do. ***As an aside, it's also so good, I think, for your children to see you tackle challenges head on rather than shy away because of self-doubt. It's better to try than to never try. Think of all the times that little Henry shies away from new experiences (and you wonder why) and then you are so proud when he finally decides he WANTS to and CAN do certain things. I want you to be that proud of yourself. I want you to wonder why you ever doubted your ability. Just. Do. It. and love it!!!!!!!!!!!

again...i am saying/typing all of this with a smile and a little ache in my heart that you set aside the self-doubt and replace it with some confidence and a pep in your step as you get closer and closer to snuggling up little Hugh and giving your sister a HUGE hug!"

Her email really was the smack in the face that I needed.  I travelled well with just Charley.  I transitioned and mastered travel with Char and Hen.  And now it was time to master three.  It wasn't even the drive that worried me this time.  It was more about the energy it takes to survive outside of our home turf. 

But we have been here since Friday.  Yep, we made the drive - 7 hours.  Lunch at Perkins.  A couple movies.  Two Starbucks treats.  Syd napped for a total of 30 minutes but otherwise kept herself busy.  There wasn't a tense moment the whole way.  Incredible. 

I have lots to share about our trip so far.  But we are still in full swing and I am having a hard time finding the time to fit in blogging.  But I am vowing to post more consistently, meaning daily and not 3 times one day and then a week break.  It is time to be more organized with this hobby, because it makes me happy. 

So for now, pictures are downloading.  Thoughts are tumbling from my head but won't be posted until tomorrow.  So stay tuned.

Thank you again for commenting or emailing and helping to remind me that I could do the drive.  I could find success as a mother on the road with her littles.  Thank you.

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Raina and Andy said...

So glad you did it! Rr


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