Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picture update.

Rarely, are we at my mom and dad's house with the WHOLE family (except Ed) without a holiday to celebrate or some other event. 
Greg and Liz surprised us and popped in to meet Hugh too. 
So on Saturday we savored being able to...

Enjoy late afternoon glasses of wine and bubble blowing.

Wine for the adults....pink donuts for the kiddos.

We didn't take for granted the opportunity to walk to the park and let the kids get dirty.

So that we could throw them in the bath to get the annual bath picture.

On Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn and got out the door so we could enjoy the Milwaukee Zoo.

The weather was overcast.  But the temp was perfect so we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  We had a big group which I know stressed Grandma out.  But we didn't lose anyone.  We headed to Aunt Raina's for lunch and then returned home and I think almost everyone napped. 

Yesterday was spent enjoying my sister and her crew and our family friend and her two littles.  Relaxing play dates with lots of chatting (interrupted conversations of course since one of us was always running off to redirect a little or change a diaper), giggling, and just hanging out.  

And today it is just me and my tribe. 
We are taking it easy since last night we let the boys stay up to play games and watch Dancing with the Stars.  
Everyone is a little crabby due to the late bedtime. 
So we will survive today.

Life is good.
Missing my morning gym time with my friend.
Wishing Ed was here to have enjoyed all of this.
But so glad that I am able to be here, relaxed, and just hanging out.

Time to scoot off to our next adventure.


April Kaiser said...

Sarah, I LOVE that your whole family was there!!!!!!! The pictures of your family are great!!!!! Great memories

The Tompkins Family said...

Completely awesome!

shellycoulter said...

Fun shots! I love good family time! :) I bet it was fun for your brother to see the boys again (without so much responsibility). Haha! :)

Have fun!

jessica said...

So fun! Love all the great pictures. Your mom looks so Happy and swinging her feet! She is happy to have her whole tribe together!

Raina and Andy said...

Love the shots from bubbles....and of Eli and Henry together, I imagine years of adventures for these 2 together. Rr

Danifred said...

What a great set of pictures!


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