Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Spring is here...

The weather has been unbelievable the last week or so.
So much so, even I am tempted to get out the sprinklers and water toys.
But my neighbor shared that she firmly told her husband that they were not getting that stuff out until summer.  And I agreed.  I love that we made that pact...or at least are on the same page.

Typically, this time of year we have a nice day or two surrounded by some normal spring 50 degree days.  But these mid 70 temps are confusing the kids and the mamas. 
Usually I am very strategic as the temps get nicer.
First I let them go out without a jacket.
BIG. DEAL. around these parts.

Then I let them wear t-shirts.
A flip flop might appear for a quick run to Target or something.

Maybe a day with shorts.

One day we pull out bubbles and they entertain us all afternoon.
A couple days later we bring out the bikes.
Then the chalk a different day.
Hula hoops, kites, balls, and sandbox toys...each type of toy is given it's own afternoon of fun.

But with this weather it seems like everything has already been taken out. 
And at this rate, by the time summer hits the kids will be bored with all our spring/summer toys. 
Stresses me out a wee bit.

So vowing to keep the water fun until summer is what I have done.
We'll see if I can hold out.
Because even I am loving this weather.

Little ones remind us how in those beginning years each summer is almost like a first.  There is so much to experience whether it is riding in a stroller or laying on a blanket that first summer to crawling or toddling around that second summer to mastering the ladders at the park and peddling the trike bike.
This spring the world has become a very exciting place for Miss Syd.
She has no fear of grass.
She stands at the front door or back door and shouts to her brothers.  She crawls really fast if I ask her if she wants to go out.
And she isn't very content in a stroller.
She wants to roam and pick grass and pick up sticks and rocks.

And once again I find myself at a different stage with my tribe.
This season will have me following our last wee one as she explores and has her outdoor adventures.
There will be less sitting in the lawn chair or watching the boys from the window while making dinner.
There will be more realizing that this season is meant for taking in our third miracle as she investigates all the little treasures that she can uncover outside. 


Crystal said...

I adore that first picture of Sydney and Henry - that's one for a frame :)

Raina and Andy said...

holy cow syd got so mature and old looking in these pictures. can't wait to see her. RR

Barb said...

Do I dare, as Grandma Barb, ask you to email me the picture of Syd in her hat? I want to get a copy made and save it for my "hat calendar".


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