Monday, March 19, 2012

finger painting type activities....

Dragging the paints out takes a lot of self-talk.
I have to pump myself up to get the paint out.
It requires being proactive so the mess is contained.
It requires patience as I supervise.
It requires the reality that this fun will probably only last about 15 minutes.
It requires some energy to clean up.

BUT,The kids always love it.
As the mama the whole activity is exhausting because I see this...

The mess, the clean up, the dragging out of all the materials.

But if I snap a few pictures, I can look back and realize it was worth it.

What other kid activities are worth it...even if they are exhausting?
Let's inspire each other to make the effort.

*If you dare to get out the finger paints.  After they have smeared the entire page, give them a few utensils...a match box car, a fork, a comb, a cookie cutter,etc.  Let them experiment with the different types of lines they produce in the paint.


Barb said...

Cooking anything at all, searching the cookie cutter jar, let them choose a cake mix from the grocery shelf, then come home and stir, stir, stir. Work with food coloring and containers of water and watch the colors change....Messy fun that is invigorating but ahhh, moms are glad when it's over.

The Tompkins Family said...

I cringe with the paint...but I do allow it. Other cringe worthy things...helping me bake/cook, playdough, any rice/bean/sensory activity...however, they're ALL worth it, even if it IS just for 15 minutes!

Danifred said...

Play-doh. Play-doh makes me twitch and groan and almost cry. Even when we do it on the kitchen floor, an "easy" clean up, it still sucks.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Love the ideas of the utensils! Thank YOU!!!

Whenever we finger paint, I try to let go of any of my "this is going to be so messy" tendencies. It's fun. They love it. I just need to shut up (except for lavishing my praises on their creations)!


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