Friday, March 2, 2012

Fruit Loops and cap guns and permanent marker tattoos ....

That's my brother.
And that is who we are flying here to assist my mom on taking care of our little tribe.
Hopefully he won't be carrying that when he gets off the plane and instead is ready to play legos and nerf guns and build snowmen.

He is not a parent.
He is actually getting married this summer.
So to live for two days worrying about three other human,
his mom...well it will be different for him.

Today I emailed out some sketchy notes about the routines, rules, the ways that things work around here.

And within 5 minutes I got this response:

"ha ha ha ha hahha ha

Rules? You think there are RULES? There are no rules. Whatever system you thought was in place, be prepared to see it fall apart. It's gonna be Fruit Loops and cap guns and water balloons and Nintendo marathons fueled by Surge (they still make Surge, right?) and competitive jumping and permanent marker tattoos and new pets and red juice and projects with scissors and rearranged furniture and child pyramids and FunDip and science.

It's gonna be awesome."

I was feeling totally relaxed about our trip.
I have Sydney weaned.
She is sleeping through the night.
The boys just conquered strep and are still on antibiotics so I feel like they are covered.
But after that response, not as relaxed.  


It is going to be awesome.
They will all grow from this.
My brother will grow the most.
He doesn't even know what's going to hit him.
I can't wait to revel in his exhaustion.



Anonymous said...

I especially love the fundip and the red juice. Haha. So funny. Like when he took Eli on an outing and texted that he lost Eli haha. Rr

shellycoulter said...

Sounds like a great uncle! :) And I bet ya anything the kiddos will have a blast ...and be so happy to have you guys back and hop right back into the routine that they know and love! At least the boys will. :)

Amy said...

Sounds like my kids' time with my sister! Every kid needs an extra special Aunt and/or Uncle to love them up and encourage the crazy stuff that moms and dads don't. Let it be & LOVE it!

jessica said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Paula G said...

I can't tell you how many ways I love this!!
We must get an update from the "cool uncle weekend"!

April Kaiser said...

My first thought immediately was - I love your bro!! That is totally what cool aunts & uncles are for!! Lots of memories will come out of this I'm sure!!

Danifred said...

Love his response (and choice in beer!)


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