Friday, March 2, 2012

A Friday rambling catch up...

My sister claimed I hadn't posted any pictures of Charley lately.
But as your kiddos get older it is harder to capture them in pictures.
They aren't around as much.
And it just doesn't seem like one should post as much about school age kids.
Like, now that he is a reader, he could read what I write and agree or disagree or have an opinion.
I will still share.
But it's just easier to find ample opportunities to take pictures of Miss Syd and even Hankers.

Here is Charley afterschool yesterday.
Hard at work.
He got these snap circuits for Christmas. 
He had Ed help him with a couple and now he just zips and zooms from one project to another.
He connects switches and wires and makes bulbs light, bells ring, and things spin. 

I keep buying bananas in hopes of making some banana bread but they get eaten too fast.
This bowl though has me feeling optimistic in regards to the future possiblity of our house smelling like fresh baked banana bread.

I have noticed lately that I am so distracted by Miss Syd that when I blog I post and then go back and read it and realize that I have missed words, written two sentences and combined them ...without meaning to. I am sorry. That is bad. Embarassing. I guess, all I can ask is that when you read my blog you read it like we are sitting and sipping coffee and chatting. Don't read it as if it is going to be a technically written piece of literature. It will never be.
I am sure my mom still wishes she had gotten me a grammer tutor back in the day.
She talked about it often back then.

Wanna change your life?
I changed mine recently.
A friend recommended this purchase and it now lives here.
Henry is the pro.  He volunteers to use it all the time.
It picks up all the cheerios and crumbs that Sydney used to find.
It isn't as big to lug out as our vacuum.  It doesn't do a perfect job.  But I am not as crabby about crumbs these days.

How do I get myself to drink more water?
I buy a really overpriced water bottle.
I didn't think it was over priced until I found them for half the price I paid at Target the other day.
I still like mine better. this the one you have?
Anyways, it holds 20 oz. of water. 
I fill it and am so proud when I get to fill it again.

My trainer at the gym suggested putting silly bands or rubber bands on it and then every time you have to refill you can take a band off and that will help you keep track of how much water you drink.
I now crave water.  Interesting.

Miss Syd has some new walking shoes.
I fell for these.  They were 50% off. 
They are still a little big but they latch on her feet well.
She isn't really ready to go strutting down the driveway just yet.
But we are ready when she is.

Speaking of strutting her stuff.
She is walking from here to there as she holds on to different pieces of furniture.
And she will hold my hands and slowly lift her feet.
Her walking days will arrive sooner than I think.
Which I am kinda glad about. 
As spring comes I know that a little walking Sydney will survive much easier outside.

Here she is zipping around the kitchen chairs.

When I drive home from the gym in the morning there is this game in my head.
Kind of a rush thinking that the house might still be quiet.
Kind of  a rush to think I have been up and have conquered my workout and am kind of ready to greet my little tribe with a smile.
Today, Charley and Henry greeted me with proud smiles, up before the clock turned green.  Sydney is still sleeping.    Another night, all the way through.  yipee.

Today will be a day of catch up.
Catching up with a good friend who I don't see enough.
Catching up on folding laundry.
Catching up on getting the house organized for the upcoming weeks ahead.
Catching up on a cup or two of coffee that I have been craving for the last half hour.
Or maybe it will be a latte today.  I have switched to only having my homemade lattes every couple days.  Makes them a little more of a treat.
Catching up on blogging, maybe.  So stay tuned.

Sydney calls out.
And the day begins....



Amy said...

Kurt said he was instituting a "buying only one banana" rule at our home as they turn black before we eat them. They get used in smoothies at our home, so don't go to waste, but still. The point is, we have black bananas to spare for your banana bread if you are interested. :)

Happy day, Sarah!

Barb said...

Love this early morning post; love sitting in a king sized bed reading your blogs....from riviera maya where the perfect weather and friends are waiting for us by the ocean or by the pool. Time to get my swim suit on. See you soon.

Raina and Andy said...

love the shoes. cute water bottle. GO YOU!!!!! thanks for charley update. just miss that man-he's growing up so much. wish i could spend a day at school with him. wonder if i would embarass him!? RR


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