Saturday, March 3, 2012

Enjoying the Small things..

I was sure of three.
I can't totally speak for Ed, but I remember knowing in my heart that he was good with two.
Then one day he opened up to the idea of three and I began doubting.
We had two healthy and incredible boys.  Why rock the boat?  Why push our luck?  Could my body handle it?

I am not sure when I came across this blog. But Enjoying the Small Things, written by Kelle Hampton, is one of my favorite blogs to read. For me it is a mix of fantasy and inspiration. Her life is unbelievable to me...trips to the ocean, fashion that rocks, little girls that are always adorable, mothering tips slid in between musings about ordinary daily moments with chalk, cupcakes and little shoes. Her self taught photography amazes, and her honesty that in life she finds the sunshine with rainbows and unicorns whenever she can. I know her life has it's challenges. BIG ONES. And her honesty and ability to share her story is just so inspiring.

I do remember reading about her daughter Nella's birth story.  I remember crying.  I remember realizing that my fear of "rocking the boat" was no longer a fear.  Kelle's honesty and perspective.  Her story made me ready for anything.  One afternoon I asked Ed to read it.  And he always plays along and reads or listens as I read posts that hit me.  And I remember glimpsing a pause and maybe even a tear.  And I remember him saying, "it would be okay." 

My biggest worry about convincing Ed about having a third was the fear that our third would come with challenges that I couldn't even comprehend but, only imagine.  But when he assured me "that it would be okay." I realized that Kelle's story had given him a glimpse at some of the challenges that could come along and I saw that we would be up for it.

three became a reality.
 And so we had Sydney.  And she has so far been perfectly healthy, a life changer for sure, but also once again a pretty normal life changer.  My point.  I can give just a teeny tiny credit to having a third to Kelle's blog.  

Kelle just came out with a book and this is a little clip sharing about the book she has written.  Her words always touch me.  And here she speaks, summing up the story she tells in her book, Bloom. 

I know that you can see her as a little over the top. When I read this post I thought, "WHAT! Who the heck has wine in an orange grove while clicking your heels with friends." But you know what, you go girl. If you have that opportunity, enjoy it. I told my friend Kim that I hope we can meet in a Midwest MN apple orchard next fall and click our heels and toast to life.

Reading blogs can be dangerous.  You can forget that reading blogs casts somewhat of an illusion because you only see a bleep of their day, their life...their story.   And you forget that they have piles of laundry, dirty dishes, crabby kids, door slamming moments, and the flu going through their houses too.  My sister says once in a while that she has friends that wonder about my life.  That even my silly little blog casts an illusion to some.  This cracks me up but I can see how it might look that way. 

When I read some blogs I have had to take breaks because the things they share sometimes cause me to think unrealistically about motherhood.  Healthy home cooked meals, perfectly dressed children, parenting ways that ALWAYS work, organized to the max houses, and counter tops that are clutter free.  Kelle's blog has her own way of possibly casting an illusion that every day is about friends, over the top kid parties, fashion...unicorns and she pokes fun at herself often.  But the thing is-- I have never had to take a break from her blog.  For me, her blog doesn't cast an illusion of a perfect life.  But rather it casts a reminder.

She reminds me to sit down on the drive way and play chalk with my kids.
She inspires me to find a nook of nature in our little town and make it a tradition to visit.
She reminds me that as a stay at home mom I can wear lipstick (I don't, but I could). 
She reminds me that getting dressed for the day can be fun and jeans and a tshirt are okay but so is adding a fun necklace, scarf, or wearing a pair of heels.
She reminds me to grab up the moments with friends.
She reminds me to document the little ordinary pieces to our day.
She reminds me to change my attitude by going on an adventure.
She reminds me to think outside the box and look for the heel clicking moments and if they aren't presenting themselves then seek them out or make them happen.
She reminds me that the unexpected moments in life can be looked at as opportunities.
She reminds me that life is all about perspective and though we can't control what happens to us, we do have the power to control how we react and what we make of our life.
As I watched that video clip and saw pictures of her girls and realized that I have enjoyed watching them grow up, so far.  I realized how blessed I have been to have had her words part of my life.  And some may see that as silly.  But in life you have to figure out where you draw your inspiration.  And one of the places I have found is blogs.  And Kelle's inspires me.  I suggest you grab a glass of wine some evening and give her a moment. 

Enjoying the Small Things has been a reminder to find my moments each day, even if they are little ones, that show the beauty in my life.  


Anonymous said...

Love her blog to dream but I always remember the hard parts of her life and look up to her to fully see someone who lives by that quote of being unable to control what happens but how you control how you deal with it. Thanks for introducing me to her blog a few years ago. And for all those readers who see a blip of your day and thinks it looks perfect...I'll be the first to say nothing is perfect and your job is soooo hard. But I love your perfect blips...they make me strive to be more like my big sister! Rr

shellycoulter said...

I love her blog too! :) Agree with everything you said. :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I hope my blog hasn't been one that you've had to take a break from :) We have PILES of dirty dishes especially since I've started my quilt. Laundry is overflowing and the organized by color baskets now have darks with whites and color here and there because there is no more room for them to go. Sad I know but it means that I am concentrating on my family instead. I can only put so many moments towards a lost cause (laundry being one of them) when there are little eyes thirsting for my love, energy, and attention.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that I've had to take breaks from blogs too...too perfect or too heavy...but never miss hers (or yours) .

And yes, apples and wine in the fall!


Stepping On Cheerios said...

Well, I'm going to have to check it out now!

Hope you good, trying to keep up with blogging and reading:)

April Kaiser said...

Thanks for this post, this women’s take on life is refreshing and inspiring! Her little girl’s birth story is just amazing. I love how real it was. It makes me wonder how I would handle a situation like that, if I would be as courageous as I would think/hope I would be?
I totally understand taking breaks from blogs or facebook for that matter, from time to time. I actually took a 3 month break from facebook over the Holidays. Sometimes I find myself wondering how some people do it when I can't seem to get it all together! I even find myself getting envious of some of their lives and feeling bad about mine and my shortcomings. Those are the times I need to step away too, because I know deep down inside that it’s not all that good, but when you only see the good stuff it’s hard to keep it all in perspective.

Crystal said...

Also one of my favorite blogs to read - such a way with words and great photos, too. I am looking forward to her book. I admit, while reading many blogs (definitely hers, too) I feel a little inadequate. Why am I not having tea parties with my kids? Why I am not having these super elaborate birthday parties? Why am I not constantly doing creative wonderfully fun stuff with my littles? It is so easy to get caught up in what is posted on a blog and forget that there is so much more to a person's life. Makes me wonder what a stranger would think of my life if my blog was all they knew of me! Liked this post a lot!


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