Sunday, March 4, 2012

SUPERmama moments on a Saturday.

Change perspective.
Push your mama skills a little further on the first Saturday of the month.

The little tribe and I ventured to daddy's favorite stop.

I had mentioned to Ed that I would maybe take the boys to kids workshop on Saturday when he wasn't here.  He learned yesterday after I flipped out at him for promising the boys that I would take them without checking with me. 

You see I think of all sorts of adventures to do with the kids.
But sometimes, after thought and consideration--
Taking into account the moods and emotions of all involved--
I will change my mind last minute.

So yes, I did mention I might do this.
He took it as a given.
So he told the boys mama was taking them.
I was mighty annoyed for about 45 minutes.
But again, perspective and a push...proved to be all that I needed to turn a regular old Saturday into a Super Mama moment that had me walking proud with my shoulders thrown back out of the Home Depot.  I almost grabbed some lumber to carry out because I was feeling that successful.

Not that Ed will ever promise something again without checking with me.  ha.

I got dressed.  That lovely necklace is from the family who's young lady I watch a few afternoons a week. Love it.

And I packed my new luggage.  I call it luggage because it is enormous.
But it replaces a purse, diaper bag, and camera bag.  This is actually a camera bag.  So my camera sits nestled in there, with plenty of room for extra lens and purse and diaper stuff.  I am loving it.

Miss Sydney got dressed too.
I fell for some of these summer like dresses at a second hand shop.
I thought that putting them over long sleeve or short sleeve onesies would be trendy and cute. 
I think I was right.

And Miss Sydney is making the "OOOO!" face a lot lately.
Love that.

I nestled my crew around a corner of the workshop area. 

Charley pretty much made his whole car by himself.  phew!
Henry and I assembled his correctly.
I was so proud to have things under control, assembled, and myself.
There were other moms there with one child.  There were dads there with a couple kids. 
But as far as I could see, I was the only mama with three. 
I deserved a pin, don'tcha think.

Then the boys had fun racing them with the other kids at the store.

Sydney ate a graham cracker, sipped her smoothie drink, and squealed at her brothers from afar - gaining many smiles from bystanders.

Later that day, I touched base with my mama friend who braved the pool with her three littles.  And we both agreed that when we do outings like this....  Where we are sweating and praying that everything and everyone goes with the flow.  Well those outings build us.  They make us stronger.  Prouder.  They make the ordinary moments at home that much more relaxed.  And as we gain that mama confidence we can look forward to new adventures. 

Because, really, what's the worst thing that can happen.  One of your crew loses it.  Someone cries, throws a fit, or vomits all over.  And is that really so bad?  Because if the stars line up and the outing actually goes just right - well then you did it.  YOU. DID. IT.

*You will note that I toot my horn after I do these adventures.  Because there wasn't anyone else there to toot it for me.  And I think that life calls for some tooting of horns.  Whether you toot yours yourself or someone notices your job well done and toots it for you.  So toot your horn my friends.  (Although, please refrain from tooting your other horn when on the treadmill two down from me ...yuck.)


Anonymous said...

This was a great post. Had me smiling. :) And, your new bag looks good with orange.


jessica said...

Love this post! We should toot our own horns! The whole post had me all smiles and the last line had me cracking up. See you on the treadmill my friend!

The Tompkins Family said...

I would be tooting my own horn too. That's impressive stuff, mama!

Haley said...

Found your blog through the "Hello Monday" series-I love the title of your blog- amen for naps. And second of all, I want to say you rock mama for taking on home depot with three. I only have one, and at times I get nervous about all the things that can go wrong on outings. We all need friends to "toot" our horns! xoxo

Raina and Andy said...

Love the bag on the orange home depot bucket Tomorrow I'm going to attempt first organized story time for Eli. Really nervous because no where in library to trap him in fi need to nurse H. Any suggestions? I want to be able to toot my horn tomorrow...RR


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