Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes, as a mama, I pat myself on my back or reward myself with a Starbucks treat. And yesterday was one of those days. We have all had colds for the last couple weeks. Some days Charley seems worse and some days Henry.  But it always just cold symptoms...the kind of stuff that can hang on for weeks this time of year.  I have had a sore throat on and off but attribute it to dry air and sinus drainage.

Tuesday night Henry's little cough turned barky. So on Wednesday morning I called and got him in to the doc at 9:30. You know the appointment where the nurse returns to the room saying, "I'm going to tickle your throat. tickle. tickle." And that turns into gagging and crying and screaming. And as a bonus...she explains to Henry that she needs to tickle again because she only got one side. At this point I almost had to smack her because he is four and he gets that "tickle tickle" a second time no longer means "tickle tickle." And for the amount of "tickle tickle" action that goes on in that office -why the heck couldn't she get it right the first time. So after trying to hold him down, while a second nurse held Sydney who was now screaming, so that the nurse could try and swab the second side...she retreated out of the room looking at me, I swear, like this was my fault. I was Pissed (with a capital P). But I smiled through my gritting teeth. The test came back positive so no second swab would be needed.

So we headed out to pick up a prescription that wasn't ready when we pulled up so I had 10 minutes to waste. "Hello Starbucks? Why yes, I could indulge after all the drama I have been subjected to."

Returning home Henry curled up on the couch asking for a cartoon. Syd was now way past her 9am nap...since it was now 11. So she went down. And there I stood. With my Starbucks and my sanity. So I told Henry I was going to go put away some laundry, which I really was going to do. I headed upstairs.

My sister popped on imessage and had a few nursing questions, which I can't ignore because she is a new to two mama and I want to be there. So I snuggled onto my bed with my coffee and ipad to chat. The next thing I know I have turned on last night's episode of Parenthood and one hour has passed. Quickly, I turn it off...head downstairs knowing that Ed would be home soon for Henry's ski lesson.   I could whip the kitchen into shape and no one would be wiser that I just put my feet up and wasted an hour of my life.  And with Starbucks cup and ipad in hand I head down the stairs. As I round the corner...

There stands Ed, with a slick grin on his face.

"Where were you? napping?
Henry was crying down here wondering where you were?"

Me:  "WHAT!!? He was not! "

And he wasn't. Ed later admitted after teasing me that he had been home for a half hour and that Henry had been crying because he couldn't find me...neither was true.

I, may sit down at the computer and waste time. I may play a little Words with Friends here and there. But I do not sit and watch tv...without doing anything else like folding laundry. It just doesn't happen here. And Ed probably doesn't believe that since he walked in on such a moment yesterday. But it's true. This mama rarely has time to do that kind of thing.

So Henry has strep.  Now for some karma...

This morning I woke up with my sore throat again and now that I know someone has strep in the house...well, then my chances are higher.  So at 7:15 I made an appointment for me at 8:30 and an appointment for Charley at 9:15.  I threw on my winter hat and black sweat pants and brushed my teeth.  Bundled up the three.  And off we went (within 45 minutes of making the appointment.)

Oh, and we can't forget the moment I got to force Henry to take his medicine (this took Ed and I together to do it last night).  Big Brother was a great cheerleader and Henry finally succumbed to my insisting...but there was some stress here too. 

As we walked into my doctor's office the nurse said in her happy sing song voice, "OH look!  You have a parade of little people with you today."  And I couldn't help it, I responded, "Oh look, isn't that grand." in a sarcastic sing song voice.  Because ALL MAMAs know that being in a doctor office where you don't want your child to touch anything is one of your least favorite places...times that by three kids and throw in the unshowered factor and you have 6 hands that are touching and itching and rubbing and you get the picture.  So I was not happy to be there. 

My strep test came back negative. 

We headed to Charley's appointment where we were welcomed BACK.  Yes, they remembered us because of the half strep scream test.  Charley's test came back positive. 

We'll see if Charley's positive attitude toward Henry taking his medicine is there when it is his turn today. 

As we returned home Henry entered out house and said, "Ahhhhh, now we are home to our cozy nice house.  Right guys?  I like our nice house."

So might it be karma or payback or whatever you want to call it...that this mama that took one hour to catch up on a show and sip her latte and chat with her sister yesterday...might now be stuck at home with two sick boys that most likely are carriers of strep and less impacted by the darn illness...because they are full of energy and going at each other like nobody's business.  And asking for lunch at 10:30.

I think so.

And I blame...the GYM on all of this.  It was after I joined the gym almost four weeks ago that all this sickness started in our house.  And I know that it probably isn't.  But I haven't had a chance to get there this week.  And I am down about that.  But my excuse right now is ... I need to nurse these little tribe members to better health and keep myself strong with plenty of sleep.  Right?  And a latte always helps, at least that's what I told myself today as I had my second dose of Starbucks in two days (thanks to a giftcard from Ed at Christmas).

My sister is embarking on the world of having two.  And she tells me all the time how she doesn't know how I manage three.  And most days I don't even think about it.  But days like this, I do what you have to do.  And you don't always look good doing it.  But you do it anyways.  And what doesn't kill you...makes you stronger.  And the Big Guy upstairs...well, he watches out for us mamas by not giving us Strep at the same time as our little ones....instead he gives us a virus that requires no medication.  Just time. 

Happy Thursday folks!


We are going to relish our day together.
We are going to take apart our new Lego sets and rebuild.
We are going to read library books.
We are going to finish Charley's learning fair project.
We are going to nibble the last of the dove chocolate candies that I bought to make those Valentine cookies...but never did.
We are going to be thankful that it is just strep and not the stomach flu that everyone else has. 

We are going to THRIVE! 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post! Could relate on so many levels!!! I think us wives are under appreciated =). You go for it and watch that show and enjoy yourself!!! Jamie Trampe

shellycoulter said...

Wasn't Parenthood good this week! :) I cried several times! Sorry the boys have strep! I had it last week! Luckily the boys never got it. I laughed at the part about you being snarky with the the nurse! ha! Why would they say that? Hang in there and enjoy the day! I'm wishing we had a drive-thru Starbucks!! Those apparently haven't made it to Wyoming yet! Ha!

Theresa said...

Totally laughed at this! Every once in a while I will do the same thing...waste an hour and then hurry to pick up the house so it looks like I was busy haha! :) Gotta do that every once in a while!

Anonymous said...

I think your test came back negative because you had an hour to relax. :)



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