Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday random thoughts...

I have been up since 4:15.
I haven't napped.
I did give myself a half hour to veg on the couch during some random cartoon with Henry.
Syd is teething so Motrin is a must at 6:45pm and again around 4am.

I have been distracted by thoughts of my sister who could give birth any day now.  Our friend Colleen who is also due any day...maybe today. And then an acquaintance has been going through the adoption process....

This has taken up most of my thoughts in the last 48 hours. What an incredible and overwhelming journey. One that finds me thinking and trying to imagine the experience from all angles. But the blessing in this story is that a brave birth mom had the courage to know when to make a choice that would give a little girl a happy life filled with love. This little girl will thrive with a mama who has been dreaming of this moment for a long time. I am sooooo sooo thrilled for this new family of four. I don't even really know them, but I know that she has a tribe of mama friends who are so invested in her dreams. Breathe in that baby's smell my friend. Take it all in.   Whether you birth a baby or adopt, one day you are you and then all of a sudden your world is rocked by this little being who craves and needs you and you are no longer just you.  You are you, mama of this little miracle.  You are the proud mama of a baby girl.  Enjoy the ride.

Charley seems under the weather. Poor guy. It is hard when they can't or don't really tell you what is bugging them. I have this worried feeling that part of tomorrow will be at the doc getting a throat culture. His first strep experience...not excited about that...but at least it isn't the vomit train pulling up...

I don't want to make dinner. I made a dinner last night that I LOVED but it was too sweet for Ed and Henry wouldn't try it. Charley ate it like the champ eater he is. I thought we would have pizza tonight but we ended up throwing one of those in for our playdate this morning. So we'll see what Ed feels like. I am obsessed with Big Bowl's Kung Pou Chicken. I ask them to make it less spicy. Yum.   Otherwise Chipotle is always a good choice.

Sydney's new obsession is the dishwasher. If I open it...even if she is in another room....she stops, freezes, turns, and then bee lines it into the kitchen to investigate. She tries to climb up in it. And let's me know how frustrated she is when I move her away from it. Mind you, I might be making the same frustrated growl at her...because filling or unfilling the dishwasher is not fun. So I am trying to do it as fast as possible.

The weekend is about to begin.  Dance party here.  Pandora's channel Kid's Bop is the ultimate!  WE ALL LOVE IT!

We have Charley's basketball.
Home Depot Kid's workshop.
I am going to give Zumba a try.
I would like to finally watch the movie the Help.
And then Sunday is the Super Bowl...sadly, the Packer's aren't playing.

I would love to facetime with my sister while she is in labor on Saturday around 4pm. Just sayin'.
Come on Raina, make that happen.

What's going to bring you happiness this weekend?


Raina and Andy said...

haha. my coworker is convinced that i will have this baby tomorrow (The 4th). we'll see. i just asked andy tonight if he cared about the superbowl this year. we are planning lots of snacks to munch on while watching the commercials. maybe something SPICEY to get this labor going.... :) will facetime you before we leave for the hospital and maybe after the baby is born :) RR (who are we kidding, it's going to be at least 13 more days)

Anonymous said...

Before I was full term I was scared this baby would appear toO soon. Now that I am full term I am scared the baby will never appear. Trying to be patient and positive as the days drag on....

Theresa said...

Oh my gosh, thank you for all the kind words! This has been an amazing journey and I can't believe how supportive and invested so many people have been - even those I've never met!! :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so did you try zumba?! Did you like it? I am in love with it. I got licensed as an instructor just before I found out I was pregnant with Emma, but still did it up until I was 8 months pregnant with her. I am a little obsessed. I hope you get some sleep soon. Emma is teething right now too and I was up 4 times with her last night from midnight on...yawn...


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