Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catching up on birthdays and ski hills...

Last week....

...we had pie.

This proud papa turned ...
well he had a birthday last week.

And this is the following day when he watched his second son take his first ski lesson.
A ski lesson that we wondered about.
Would Henry dig deep and find the confidence to take the lesson.
Last summer's tennis lessons didn't go so well.
All morning the kiddo wavered back and forth.
But when we arrived the lady who checked us in to get the ski gear just assumed he was there to ski and she assumed he was ready and Henry never looked back. Even with a half hour walk around time while we waited for the lesson to begin.

While we checked out the hill I listened as Ed talked calmly to
Henry about little things, not ski related. 
He is such a good daddy.
And Henry took in the surroundings.  
And when it was time...he headed out with the rest of the adorably small ski bums.

He did everything the teacher asked him to do.
He got down to practice getting up.

See, there I am. 
And there's Miss Syd. 
That trooper girl goes along and cheers those brothers on.

Wave to daddy!

Henry survived his first ski lesson and also THRIVED.
He is looking forward to his next one.  He will have three this year.
And this is a year sooner than Charley started.  Yikes.
So proud of him.
So. proud.

Lots on our minds these days.
Taking the days as we go.
More updates to come.


Anonymous said...

Wow so proud of Henry! Way to go. Great and fun skill to have. Great pics of you and syd too. Rr

Barb said...

Go Henry Go! Looking good Mama & Syd! Looking better yet, Ed!


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