Friday, January 6, 2012

This is amazing...

Twice this week a stranger/ acquaintance informed me that before I know it my three little tribe members will be all grown up. Today at Henry's well check visit our doctor said he had only one left in high school and that I would be there before I knew it. And another lady told me that my Christmas must have been magical with little ones.  She remembered the holidays and how quickly they grow up.

Yes, they do.

And then I read this post tonight and I found my head agreeing with so much. I am a person who tells myself that someday I am going to think back as these days being "the best days of my life." Someday I will look back and wonder where the time went. Amazingly, I already do that and I remind myself that it is all going so fast.

But when other's point that kind of stings and causes me to panic. Because I know how fast it is going. Sydney is going to be a year in a couple weeks. I know how fast. And hearing it from someone who lived it - makes it even more real.

READ this post if you have ever been told to enjoy these days when you are shopping at Target. READ this post if you think about how fast time is flying and how you count down many moments during the day but stop and relish other moments.



Crystal said...

What a great post - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Someone posted this on fb yesterday and I loved it! I was actually going to post about it too lol :)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Loved it!

Raina and Andy said...

i read it and agree. of course those ladies can say that, because they aren't currently in the moment dealing with the target line. I agree-if there are people standing over your shoudler reminding you "Carep diem" while you are actually trying to get through your day, you will spend all your time appreciating every single moment, and not actually surviving/thriving in the moment. you want to be able to look back and say-what made me happy in those moments was this this and this. not to sit there while you are struggling and list to yoruself all the good things about that particular moment. that's not really being in the moment either then.
To appreciate that my child needed me at these times is different than when you are actually going through it. 3 nights of poor sleep is not funny. 30 days is also not funny. 90 days of poor sleep makes it even harder to appreciate the 11 pm, 2 am, 5 am wake up cries...but that doesn't mean you don't appreciate that you were needed as a mom etc. sometimes it's the looking back and realizing HOW you got through the tough stuff and how magical the non-tough moments were-are when you smile and nod and say "carpe diem"-even if the moment passed 3 years ago. i don't know. I read the post this am and had all these good things to say, and now feel like i've lost what i wanted to say. HA RR

Ross Family said...

I agree, time goes by so fast! Izzy is 7 months, I get all choked up everytime I have to put away another outfit that she has outgrown! I just want time to slow down a little. She is trying really hard to figure out the whole crawling thing which is SO exciting but I also feel sad because I just am not ready for her to be doing that already!! Can't believe Sydney is going to be one soon! The older we get the faster time goes, thats for sure!

April Kaiser said...

I was at a birthday party yesterday and some of the other gals read the same post. It was a good topic of discussion. I try and appreciate it all, but its hard when you are in the moment, and we all know that 75% of the moments are just plain tough!
I went through 3 months of my little waking up 6-7 times a night, working full time, 2 big kids in school, drop offs, homework, sports, cars breaking down.... I thought I was going to lose it! It's hard to love each moment or appreciate all the kids in those really tough times, but....... with that said now I can see that those tough times make me appreciate the good times so much more.
Thanks for sharing!


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