Thursday, January 12, 2012

The mama groove - I'm not feelin' it? you?

Not feelin' it today. Being real.
I would give anything to have my mom here today.
Having another adult in the house during this morning routine is such a gift.
It's been awhile.

Homework isn't done with a smile here lately.
After he gets his measuring sheet done, he doesn't want to stop measuring. Go figure. Me - I am exhausted mentally and emotionally from trying to be encouraging and persistent with my reminding to get it done.

It is cold.
Both boys aren't going to want to get dressed.
They don't want to pick up toys.
They both aren't going to want to go to school - wait! Charley has a pizza party at school that might make the 20 minute exit easier.

Sydney was up 3-4 times last night. I play words with friends in the wee hours with my friend Kim that has a 3 week old. I wonder if she finds it uplifting that she isn't the only one making words at 2:38 am...or if it causes panic that she might be up at 2:38 am a year from now. I am banking on not playing Words with Friends at 2:38 on January 12, 2013! Sorry friend.

This Thursday morning, I'm just not feelin' it.

How about you?
Where you at on your roller coaster ride?

Boys to school. Boys come home.
Sydney naps, I pray.
Off to the Apple Store this morning and praying for a quick and inexpensive fix.
Hoping to find my groove...momentarily would be nice.

Time for coffee.
Giddy up!


Theresa said...

I hope for your sake that by the time my baby decides to join us, yours will be sleeping all night long, but if not I will happily join you in a third shift game of words! I'm hoping that the iPhone will make that time a little more fun in general :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm ...hadn't thought about being up at 2:38 a year from now...dang! Hope the kids got out the door in a easy going way this morning. I know a pizza party would get me going!

Anonymous said...


The Tompkins Family said...

Get your groove on! When Sydney naps, make yourself an extra latte and sit and enjoy every single sip! That should help, right?

Anonymous said...

Not feeling my groove here either! Just a dreary, cold day. Feeling like a I am just walking around in circles here. Lots of stuff to get done- zero motivation. Starting to make some decisions about going back part time next year- exciting and scary! Let's email soon. Wanna take me on in Word with Friends??

Anonymous said...

So not in the groove for anything today. I'm so tired my eyes sting and despite my best efforts at makeup this morning I'm still getting the comment "Are you okay?" frequently as I walk down the halls of work. Ugh. Hope Syd sleeps and you get a few moments to yourself to sit and relax---DON'T take that time to do house chores---JUST SIT!!!!!!!

jessica said...

I hope that your computer is fixed and that it was cheap!

I hope that you find your grove this afternoon. Time to turn on our fireplaces and cozy up a bit.

Barb said...

Love the turn on your fireplace idea, unless it's too warm there. My groove is is on/up and going today. Expecting 2 great friends for a visit/sleepover and making it stress free with a great grocery store shopping trip. They don't care and it's still special.White wine, Panera carbs, fresh fruit, a rental chick flick, some pistachios and of course a bottle of RELAX Riesling. Told my husband last night that I could use 2 days just totally to myself. He replied "me too" ha ha!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I bet you've got your groove back. Hope the computer got fixed, what's a girl to do without one?
My groove is here, but probably not where it should be. We are having another hang out day, where I usually get the pick up groove around 4pm, not such a good time.

Raina and Andy said...

i was in my groove as much as i could be when i left the house this am. but eli didn't want me to leave and that broke my heart. by 7:15 I had already gotten the comment 'bigger each and every day" and oh you've dropped!". It was pretty early. But I did get my water drank and stayed caught up at I'm in my groove. Sounds like you r day ended up being success. words with friends in the middle of the night-coming your way in about 1 month! RR


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