Saturday, December 10, 2011

....this Saturday

...this Saturday began slow due to  a night where Sydney woke almost every hour.
...this Saturday had Ed and Charley heading one direction (Boy Scout event at a nursing home) and the other half of our family heading a different way (30 minutes away to get Syd's ears checked)
....this Saturday had mama bursting into tears as Charley shared an activity he did at the local nursing home.  They did an activity where they had to hunt for a partner that matched them and then ask the person three questions.  Charley found out his nursing home friend's name was Cecelia.  She was from Minneapolis.  And her favorite day in life was the day her grand-daughter was born.  Absolutely caused this mama tears.
....this Saturday had mama making scrambled eggs for breakfast.
....this Saturday had Sydney's ears looking clear.
....this Saturday we ate homemade waffles for lunch.
....this Saturday had Daddy and Charley off to conquer basketball.
....this Saturday had mama cleaning up around the house.
....this Saturday there is chicken and dumplings in the crock pot for dinner and french silk pie in the fridge for  when the moment strikes.
....this Saturday Sydney has played and explored and gets up on her toes.
....this Saturday the boys did a craft at the kitchen table while I made a double batch of kiss cookie dough (otherwise known as cyclops cookies in my family)
.....this Saturday Ed got to escape to do a little Christmas shopping.
....this Saturday had Ed and I searching for a yummy holiday cocktail to perfect tonight so we could bring it to our holiday celebrations next weekend.  Suggestions?
....this Saturday I spent 40 minutes folding laundry that was mounded on the couch. ahhhh...
....this Saturday a cup of tea hit the spot around 3:45pm.
....this Saturday Christmas music plays, Sydney explores freely, and Charley and Henry are unwrapping kisses for the cookie baking extravaganza - with the promise of getting to eat one kiss at the end of their task.
.....this Saturday has been good.  really. good.


jessica said...

Sounds like a fun filled Saturday. I hope Syd sleeps good for you tonight.

Anonymous said...

You'll go back and read this post years from now... some of the things posted you'll say, "I don't remember that AT ALL" and others will have you rolling with laughter.


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