Friday, December 9, 2011

little friends.

Sydney in the pink.
Oscar in the green.

Sydney with a dainty crawl.
Oscar with his stealth army crawl.

She's 10 1/2 months.
He's 8 1/2 months.

She's petite.
He caught up.

She, the older woman, leads the way.
He quickly follows.

Ladies first.

But he won't be left behind.

Her first friend.

They will know each other.
Making both mamas smile.


Lynelle said...

Love it!

jessica said...

This post is great! Love it!

Danifred said...

Oh, the cuteness, I can barely take it.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the friendships our kids make the best? K has a friend 10 days older (they're 3) and C is best friends with the little brother (2 months apart) and we picture YEARS and YEARS of friendships. And perhaps, arranged marriages! :)


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