Wednesday, December 14, 2011

moments today...

-I am so lucky to have a friend who trusts you with her 'attached to mommy' baby so she can go get her hair colored and I could get a little cuddling in with an 8 month old.  While my almost 11 month old daughter napped through the whole thing.  And another good friend stopped in for company and support if both babes were in need of some tender loving care.

-we decorated cookies this evening and it was the most calm decorating experience I have had since becoming a cookie decorating mommy.  We had NO major spills.  There was some deliberate placement and not ONLY heaping the cookies with mounds of sprinkles.  The boys worked hard and all was accomplished without a snap from mama or fighting over sprinkles.  Miss Sydney jumped nearby and wondered when she would get a taste.

- it rained. hard. ALL DAY LONG.  If it had been colder and the rain had been snow...we would be in trouble.

-last night Charley was presented his PineWood Derby car kit.  There is some serious planning going on right now at our kitchen table.  Both boys are drawing car plans.  Conversation overheard from the other room...

Charley, "I am awesome at drawing cars right now."
Henry, "Yeah.  You are like an artist."

- Miss Sydney crawls through every nook and cranny in our house.  She finds joy going under things and today she was sneaky and unwrapped her first gift.  She doesn't know the no peek rule yet.

-we gave our first teacher gifts to our Wednesday morning teachers.  They each received a bag full of socks.  I bought packs and opened them so they each got a little assortment of some fun, some crazy, some holiday themed, and some practical.  They all seemed happy.  I think I will do that again.

-My milk frother didn't work for me this morning.  I was in a panic.  It wasn't a cheap kitchen accessory.  I called customer service and there was no questions asked.  I should have a replacement in two days.  The coffee business is a serious business and I guess they know that mama's who don't get their coffee fix could be dangerous.  Thanks Nespresso for your excellent customer service.

-our holiday cards were ordered via Shutterfly on Saturday.  They arrived yesterday and are ready to be sent...they just need stamps and the post office is one of my least favorite errands this time of year.

-a new favorite blog that I follow can be found here.  Her pictures are gorgeous and I have enjoyed all her recent posts. 
-the boys bounce back and forth between waking at 5:45 and 7:15.  I would love for a consistent 7:15 wake time for Christmas...I tell our Elf on the Shelf each night. 

-This week is busy here.  It is like our week before Christmas because major holiday celebrations begin for us this weekend.  Can't wait but also sad that the anticipation is almost over and all the work of baking, wrapping, shopping, and more will almost be a distant memory...and then sadly, here in Minnesota, we are left with 4 more months of bitter cold and snow. 

-One more...After bath I get to comb Sydney's hair.  OH. MY. GOSH.  We are nearing barrette stage and I can't believe I have a little girl. 

moments share....

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Anonymous said...

Ugh... xmas cards. Have to get them all sealed and sent as well. So much to do on the to do list. Thanks for sharing the link to the blog you like. Her pictures ARE amazing. I'm still deciding on a camera and her page sure helped. I may have asked you this before, but what type of camera do you use? I apologize if I asked this already... i ask so many bloggers I can't keep up, nor decide.


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