Monday, December 12, 2011

hello monday.

hello afternoons that are meant for getting our craft on.  We had beads, Popsicle sticks, glue and our creative juices flowing all over our kitchen table last week.  We added a brown construction paper stem to the trees and a string and the trees hang adorably on the tree.  I really like them.  And the snowmen will have magnets added to them and will be gifted to Great Aunts and Uncles.  We did many.

hello quiet moments with your soon to be four year old son playing Candy Land and sipping hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. (Marshmallows available at Ubake)

hello mug that we painted last spring and finally gets it's first taste of hot chocolate.

hello pinterest.  Just recently joined and am addicted.  Let me know if you want in and I will send you an invite or follow you!

hello new tires on the van.  All I wanted for Christmas...

hello gate that allows me to change up laundry or pee quick.  Really quick.  Because this little girl does not want to be confined for very long anymore.

hello Miss Sydney's signal that she is ready for a nap.  She has been doing it since she was born and continues still at almost 11 months. 

hello Oreo truffles...a new holiday cookie that I can make gluten free for my friend and my sister.
hello holiday special cartoons that keep the boys calm for chunks of time.
hello holiday cards that are starting to cover our pantry cupboard instead of our fridge this year. 
hello Shutterfly - you have given me some very fun gifts to give this year and our holiday card is on the way.  Yipee!

hello Amazon online shopping - I am seriously going to miss the UPS guy that stops by every other day dropping off boxes of goodies. 

hello friends.  I hope you had a good Monday. 

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blueviolet said...

Her expression behind the gate completely cracks me up!!!! I'm thinking there are going to be some very happy gift recipients of those ornaments!

Anonymous said...

Tommy still sucks on his elbow like that! So cute! Love your crafts.


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I think it is adorable how Sydney throws one arm over her fingers when she sucks, so cute. I love thumb/finger suckers.

And I love the hello monday, so fun.

I too will miss the UPS man when he stops arriving, it is kind of addicting to have things just show up.

I said Hello to starting to wrap presents today.

Danifred said...

Love Sydney's "I'm tired" move. It makes me smile every time.


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