Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Complete. Stockings and all.

When Charley was a month or two old he met my grandma for the first time.  She gave him the stocking near the top that is white.  Charley has used this stocking for the last six Christmas's.  My grandma passed away, not long after meeting Charley and giving him that stocking.

That stocking is special.

I asked my relatives and hounded my mom and dad - if anyone of them had any similar stockings made by my grandma.  My mom found one more.  That's it.

Last year I was tempted to invest in a set of family stockings but, hesitated and instead asked Ed's Aunt Katy to help us out by making some more stockings to match.  Ed's sister helped too. 

And man am I glad that I hesitated.  These might not be what I would have picked out - but they are what makes my heart happy when I walk by them.  Our family is complete and we all have a stocking this Christmas.  Maybe Santa will even fill Ed's stocking...maybe mine too :)

I absolutely love how our stockings came to be.  Just like our family of five.


Danifred said...

What a great story and special memory.

Meg said...

I grew up with these kind of stockings!!!!!! Love them!


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