Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blogs that were so right for me today.

There are so many reasons why this morning went wrong.
And yet, there are so many reasons why this morning went so right.

I got to sleep in a bit this morning. SO RIGHT.
But Henry was supposed to wake me when the microwave timer went off. I think it probably dinged for 15 minutes, because he had come up and crawled in by me instead. Leaving us a half hour less to get out of the house. SO WRONG.

The boys got all their "MUST DOs" done wonderfully this morning. SO RIGHT.

But St. Nick stockings distracted and made Henry not want to go to school. SO WRONG.

Charley got in the car timely - but he forgot to pack his shoes in his backpack and so we had to make a trip home before dropping him off. SO WRONG.

Sydney was up in the night a few times again. SO WRONG.

But she caught up and slept until almost 8am. SO RIGHT.

But that meant that meant her nap was thrown off. SO WRONG.

When I wake up I usually try and squeeze in a moment to read a few of my favorite blogs. And I read them because I can relate. I get inspired. And instead of waiting until Friday to share a few links that I LOVED, I am sharing this morning.  Blog reading for me makes many of the wrongs turn into 'so right' moments. Here are a few.


Love this.

Ed and I have been married almost 10 years.  Could relate.

Treasure the now.


The Tompkins Family said...

Samara thinks Presley's picture is all over this blog!

Having your 2 year old sit beside you so you can catch up on blogs. So wrong and so right?!

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

You are so right that there's always the going right and the going very, very wrong all wrapped up together. Thanks for the link and the kind words. I'm glad to provide a little company in this insanity. :)


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