Friday, December 9, 2011

5 minutes.

I am taking five minutes to blog.
Because, I can.
It might mean we run a wee bit late.
It might mean that clothes don't match.

But I need to distract myself so the boys have a chance to tackle their 'Must Do Lists' without me badgering them.  This is their last school day for mama to be reminding. 

I failed with having certain clothes clean this morning (for more than one person).
I made someone order their own Christmas gift and I feel cruddy about that.
And because of these I feel like I should stay put this morning and start load number one of our laundry.

But instead I am going to go chill with my girl pals (playgroup).
Sip my coffee.

And upon returning home I will bust out some serious laundry, tidying up, and a french silk pie.

Yesterday, Henry and I got our craft on.
There was some serious button and bead action going on here.
Our tree had some empty spots - not anymore! 
(Will share soon)

I also am announcing an upcoming post that will share some teacher holiday gift thoughts.
And there will be a giveaway from a local artist who makes splendid magnets and other trinkets that make you smile!  Stay tuned.

Sydney slept decent last night (12 and 5am - up at 7)
French silk pie to kick off our Friday night
I have a hankering for some hot cocoa w/ extra marshmallows and Hi Ho Cheerio this afternoon.
Does a redbox movie sound good to you Ed?  Pick one up that we will both like.  Any recommendations?

Gearing up for a busy weekend that entails bell ringing, Boy Scouting, Basketball and much much more. 

What's making you
Fa La La La Laaaaa - La La La Laaa.... this weekend?


The Tompkins Family said...

Christmas baking and an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend!

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Christmas kids party tonight!!! SOOOO excited. Lily doesn't even know yet!
Lots of shopping done and out of the way thanks to RR and AR!!!

April Kaiser said...

A friend just got Water for Elephants from the Redbox and said it was good. I am curious if it's better than the book???
Please share gift ideas for teachers, I am in need. I am ok buying for the women teachers but Gavin has a male teacher this year and for some reason I am stumped!

gschneider said...

crazy stupid love


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I saw a button wreath ornament idea on a blog this week or last that I want to do this weekend with the kids, only now I can't remember where I saw it.
I want to go to a craft store and get some supplies for wrapping gifts, saw on idea that I love for bows that would travel well.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I am just glad that this weekend I feel better. I spent the last two day down with a nasty stomach bug. I even had Dan come home early from work to take care of us. But now that it had been through 3 of the 5 of us I am hoping that is the last of it. My washer and dryer have done their fair load (hehe pun intended). Can't wait to see your craft project with beads and buttons.


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