Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mama Inspiration - am I off my rocker?

Back when I was a teacher I LOVED inservice days. I loved attending workshops and conferences. I loved circling up with fellow teachers and brainstorming solutions.  I LOVED being inspired to try and implement new things in my classroom to make my job new, exciting, and more successful.

Nothing has changed. I am one of those moms who loves reading parenting books, reading parenting blogs, talking to other mommy friends about being a mother. My Christmas list this year and last has a number of mommy books on them. And I wonder if people in my family think I am crazy, I hope not.   And even though sometimes reading and talking about things too much can become overwhelming; for the most part it inspires me each day. It is where I get my "get up out of bed each morning and start the day with a fresh attitude" feeling.

I know there are people who don't like to read parenting books or talk parenting strategies.  They trust their gut.   And I am so grateful that I have friends in my life that enjoy these things too. And lately I have felt silly with a few people because I think they think I am a little off my rocker.

I went on that retreat and I came back SUPER excited about my full time job as a mommy. And I know there are people out there that would not have an interest in sitting around for a Saturday talking about mom stuff. But I LOVED it.

I think of my full time job, during this season in my life, as a full time mom. I don't share my brain with a different career. My days with my children are long and non-stop. My bag of tools has to be filled with more tricks of the trade, than when I shared my thoughts with my teaching profession. If my kids have a cranky morning, I have to turn it around so that by lunch we aren't still cranky. I have to be able to manage the care and entertainment of my children but also the upkeep of the house...because when we are here all day the mess is messier. When we eat three meals at home there are three times the dishes.

That retreat was my professional development conference. Reading books keeps me in the game and on top of my children's ages and stages. Talking to friends about mommy matters motivates me to follow through with ideas and do the best I can.

I am not reading the books, going on the retreats, and talking my friends' ears off because I am trying to be the perfect mom.  WE ALREADY ARE THE PERFECT MOMS FOR OUR OWN KIDS. Rather, I am doing these things so that I feel confident and content with my performance as a mom.   I am not worried about being a good mom or a bad mom.  I am trying to just do the best job I can.  I want to enjoy the ride and not go into autopilot and spin out of control because we have a bad hour. And each day I need to wake up with the right attitude so that I give my best to this job that I am committed to doing.

I said to Ed the other day, "I know that there is a part of us that wants me to be working and bringing home a pay check.  But we have to appreciate that my focus is only on our family right now and he can work late, travel for work, etc. and not worry about kid sick days, homework getting done, and forms that need to be filled out."  He does worry about those things, but those things are getting done more easily and are less of a worry or stress because that is my only focus. 

My full time job right now is a mom.  And some may not regard it as a profession.  But I do.  Lately, I am changing my mindset so that I take what I am doing seriously.  I am committed.  I am working to raise children who will become hardworking citizens, who do the right thing, and give themselves in all the ways their passions lead them.   Heck, my multi-tasking skills, management skills, negotiating skills, and organizing skills are being challenged on a moment to moment basis.  My job right now deserves thought, pondering, strategy, and support.  I am living my profession and I want to get the most out of each experience - not just get through the hours and days.  Because they go way to fast.      
And golly gee, if you do have a second profession that takes you away during the day and takes up your time and energy, you have an incredible transition to make each day. Because amazingly, if you are home all day with your children or away from the home all day and have just reunited...we all struggle from 4-6pm. Your next chapter of the day needs inspiration. There has to be strategies that get dinner on the table and the kitchen cleaned up so that the next night you aren't coming home to last night's mess. And it is pretty near impossible to turn off the mommy part of your brain during your work day.

As a mom, where do you find your inspiration?  Do you have a favorite parenting book, blog, friend, or resource?    When you feel in a rut, how do you get out of it?   Where do you get your ideas for new tricks to try, recipes to bake, and ideas that will possibly make your life more easy to balance and feel success.

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Raina and Andy said...

EXCELLENT post. i loved every word of it. i feel so much of it FOR you. i literally agree with so much you said about yourself and your full time career as a mommy. it is NOT easy and it should be one that you care about a lot. everyone is different, so maybe the books or the blogs or retreats aren't for them. but i think talking things through and finding out what worked and didn't work for others is part of mother-hood.

my inspiration comes from within-my dream is to be part time or have YOUR career (No that's NOT my dream job everyone is trying to guess) but since you have one opportunity to spend time with your little ones at these ages-I feel like i'm missing it. other careers can be explored later on FOR ME that is. i crave your career right now and am so proud of how your kids have turned out. because i'm your sister i've seen your ups and downs and ins and outs. i know things aren't perfect (but pretty darn good in my eyes!) and i love hearing how much motivation you have to turn a poor moment into a better day. so much more optimistic than me and i look up to you for that. RR

Shell said...

You are inspiring! :)

With everything going on with my kids this fall, my husband has definitely changed his mine about how much I should be working. He knows none of this would ever get done if I were working.

I don't have a go-to book, though I love reading blogs and knowing I'm not alone.


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