Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last Nights Three Ring Circus...and today

Seriously, press play and then read the following update on our night last night.  This is not the circus song that I wanted playing.  But you get my point.

It was a freaky three ring circus here around midnight last night. Sydney kept fussing and wouldn't go back to sleep. And then the other rings got into the show and let's just say that Ed and I did chuckle after the whole thing settled. Here is the play by play.

11:00 - Sydney starts to fuss.
11:05 - Mama goes in to feed and get her back to sleep.
11:20 - Mama puts her down thinking maybe she just needs her space and she goes to sleep.
11:40 - she is up again, daddy goes in and tries rocking. But she only cries more. The only thing I can think is gas or something.

11:50 we give her some Motrin and I try to rock her.
12:00 I try placing her in the crib and sneak out. As I walk out of the room I smell something funny but go back to bed.
12:02 Henry calls out.
12:03 I walk into their room and it doesn't smell right.
12:03 I grab Ed thinking Henry puked. He said he wet the bed but it didn't smell like that.
12:03 Sydney is crying again.
12:04 we discover that Henry has had an accident involving diarrhea.
12:05-12:30 Sydney is crying and Ed and I are trying to get Henry in the tub to wash off.
12:25 I go in and strip Henry's bed and get the sheets in the wash and I have turned on the light to make sure I am getting everything.
12:40 Ed is tucking Henry back in and Charley sits up to see what is going on and notices he has had an accident too (just wet).
12:30 Meanwhile, I have gone in and gotten Sydney settled.
12:50 Ed and I are laying back down and sighing. Could have been WAY worse. Both nervous about how the rest of the night will play out.

Luckily, the boys slept until 6:15 and Sydney woke at 4:30 but went back to sleep with a little mama juice.

Henry is all good this morning, thank goodness. But we are playing it safe and are staying put today.

Seriously, when we were due with Sydney someone said, with three it is very rare when NO ONE needs anything in the night. And it is so true...someone needs something EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. But last night, might have been the first three ring least the first major one.

But we survived. And with a chuckle to boot.

Waking up this morning I can tell the night wakings are starting to impact me. Sydney slept through the night for so long as a newborn that this is a shocker to my system. Today I am feeling blah and not very motivated to be a playful mother or a productive mama around the house. So we'll see how it all goes.

Thinking back to Monday....we had some fun friends over and the boys decorated cupcakes, played Legos, and we ventured to a park for a little fall fresh air fun. They fed the fish, ran off their wiggles, and played at the park. I feel so lucky that Meg and her boys have been added to our fun friends to hang out with. Henry looks forward to his time playing with Sammy and William. Meg and I kind of laugh because she is friends with my college friends Kim and Sarah and in college we knew of each other but weren't really "friends" back then. So there isn't a real reason why we would hang out now..except that our kids really play well and we love to chat. And I guess that is reason enough. Our playdates have to be scheduled because we don't live really close - but I LOVE that when she has come for the day to play it means the cleaning and other to do stuff waits. And I get to enjoy my kids and the friend time.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a quiet day here. The boys had school and Sydney napped well. So I got two hours in the morning to get the house picked up and some things done. It was heavenly. A friend said yesterday morning was like the calm before the storm (being last night's circus act).

Today..we were supposed to have our ECFE class but we are laying low and taking it easy. Making sure Sydney gets her naps and Henry's tummy is back up to par.  I am feeling blah but am trying to shake it.  I have to say thank you because some friends, real and virtual, have texted, emailed, or written emails lately telling me they have liked some of my blog posts.  And I would like to say thank you SO MUCH for sharing your comments and thoughts with me.  I blog to inspire myself to have great days.  I blog for my kids, hoping that someday they will get a kick out of reading some of this.  I blog for my family and friends who live too far away and get to see what's up on a more regular basis, but I also blog for the connections I have made with many of you.  I really treasure each and every thought you share and add.  It motivates me to keep writing, sharing, and trying new things.  It makes me a happy mama.  I really am grateful for the feedback. 

Being a mommy is all about balance. So far this week we have had a nice wibble wobbly balance of friend fun, house tasks, and taking it easy.  I think I will have a second coffee this morning and cozy up with Henry and a few library books and see if a little cuddle time will get him out of his whiny funk and will remind me that I LOVE my job as a mom.  Because really, it is a wonderful day. 

OH!  And I am looking for any friends that watch Parenthood.  I started watching this season and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I would love to find someone to chat about it with!


Mwawrzyniak said...

this sounds hilarious after the fact, but yes..during i would have been working to hide my crabby!! that third one always makes it a little more interesting!!

Theresa said...

OMG That sounds like a long night!! A night like that is why people should always have a blog handy. You'll want to go back and remember this one day :)

shellycoulter said...

I love Parenthood! Parenthood and the Sing Off are the only shows I watch! Have you watched the previous seasons yet? There is such mixed feelings for me with quite a few of the storylines right now. oh...I love it!

Raina and Andy said...

i can't believe you accomplished bath and changing both sheets for boys within 50 minutes while you are getting syd settled. Also-what is your trick for getting her settled? I know eveyrone wants to know. i love the timeline. i remember doing that when bailee got sprayed by a skunk and it made me laugh. think about how awful charley and henry felt and how good you made them feel by cleaning up and tucking them back into their dry, cozy beds. super mom! RR

Anonymous said...

Great post! We had a night like that not to long ago the midst of it you think nothing more could happen and then it does! Ha!
I've been watching Parenthood it is my favorite show these days, I so look forward to Tuesday nights!

Crystal said...

Definitely a night you will one day laugh about! Glad Henry is feeling better!

Meg said...

Oh my Sarah! That is one night. Glad you were able to laugh. And hope you had an extra coffee the next day. :) Great pics. Loved our playdate- the kids and ours...


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