Thursday, October 13, 2011

A new day...and hot lunch with Charley

Today's breakfast:  Egg and cheese sandwich on bread...not toast.  and strawberries.  I need to clarify that I am not saying that e*ggo waffles aren't amazing.  I had to stop buying them because:

a.  I had no self-control and could eat an entire box myself.
b.  My boys could eat an entire box.
c.  So I was buying them SO often and had no where in my freezer to store them. 

Just sayin'.  

Yesterday, our day started strong but got really traumatic by 9:10am.  This morning, another strong start....and we will continue with a great day. 

I do want to share that yesterday we celebrated Henry going to school on Tuesday without crying at drop off.  I had bribed him with going for hot lunch at Charley's school on Wednesday.  Something that I had been meaning to do since school started!  Henry did it.  And so off we went.   Sydney came too.

Henry worked really hard on Tuesday to keep his cool because he really really really wanted to experience the FOOTlong hotdog that Charley had been raving about.  Charley looks at the lunch calendar at the start of the month and picks four days he would like to have hot lunch.  The first month he had picked the footlong dog and he was happy with it and wanted it again this month.  The rest of the month I pack him fun from home lunches.  I have only had one day when I had nothing great on hand and told him to take hot lunch.  I feel pretty good about that. 

Henry knew that they didn't give straws with the milk at Charley's lunch (I love that they have talked about this).  And so he insisted we bring one from home.  Worked for me!

And before we left Charley gave his big brother a hug and sadly we walked home....actually we drove because it was POURING rain yesterday.  Charley said that it was so fun to have us at lunch. 

Thinking back to watching Charley go about his lunch experience makes me a little sad.  The lunch room is loud...which Henry had to mention a few times that afternoon.  They only get a little bit of time - but I think it was plenty.  Charley really focused on eating his lunch.  And watching him shove that footlong hotdog down without a lot of chatter made me miss our lunches at the kitchen table.  He is growing up.  I guess I better let him.  But the lunchroom experience, ultimately, is a stressful time of day...yes also very fun.  But when you sit in there and take it all in.  It is not easy on kids.

His teacher asked me if I survived afterwards and I sadly had to admit that I was really glad to be heading home with my two instead leading the pack of third graders that just walked by.  She laughed.  So maybe I just need to go have hot lunch once in a while to remember to appreciate my quiet simple afternoons.....although I really do miss it.

Enjoying the little things.
Celebrating the big (Henry's conference)
Relishing the fall breeze, gloomy skies, and chilly temps today.  I am ready.


The Tompkins Family said...

The picture of them hugging melts me!

jessica said...

love the pictures from the lunch room. if i had my camera at lunch today, sophie would have been hiding under the table. :)

Danifred said...

Going to have lunch with Tot always makes me a little sad. This growing up business is happening all too fast.

Colleen said...

WOW---this post made me so happy they have each other and so sad for you that they are both growing so fast. What a mix of emotions...and I'm just reading it--not living it! Drink a nice cocktail.


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