Monday, October 31, 2011

The Little Things...

Miss Morgan in the stroller with Sydney!

Miss Morgan in the bath with Sydney.

Miss Morgan feeding Sydney!

And once again Miss Morgan smiled when I pulled my camera out.  Even when she was WAY across the park.

Hey Cousins?!!!!  Turn and smile!


Miss Morgan made the long trek to visit this weekend.  These visits are always WAY too fast and I always worry afterwards that they didn't have enough fun.  But then I look at the pictures and realize that it is the little things that make the weekend worth it.  There isn't a need for a bit outing or a grand activity.  Just hanging out in the yard.  Walking to the park.  Taking baths together.  Reading books.  Eating.  And just hanging out. 

I am an Aunt.  But I was a mom first.  And that sometimes makes me sad.  I think I missed out on JUST getting to focus on being an Aunt.  When we get together with Eli or Morgan I am still so busy just keeping my three in line that I don't get to just sit down and putter with them.  I work it in.  But it doesn't happen as easily.  Uncle Mike and Aunt Raina both have been exceptional Aunts and Uncles to my children.  And I am sure they can now see how being an Aunt with children is different than being an Aunt without.  It doesn't change the amount of love.  It doesn't change the desire to know and spend time with the niece or nephew.  But it just changes the amount of energy and freedom you have. 

This weekend I saw my window of opportunity and I grabbed it.  Uncle Mike was involved a tense Lego board game with Ed and the boys.  Sydney was napping and Aunt Becca went off to shower.  So I scooped up Miss Morgan and "Baby Big Arms" (You'll understand when you see the pictures) and we headed out for some Godmother/Goddaughter time. 

We walked.

We found worms.

And we pushed Baby Big Arms in the swing.

Oh how I wish we lived closer so I could steal her away for little outings and adventures.  But I guess we just have to focus on the anticipated visits and the treasured moments we do get every once in a while. 

The biggest smiles from the weekend came...

-after the kiddos were all in bed and a babysitter popped in so the four of us could go for a late sushi dinner.  HOW FUN!  


- just before they left when the rakes came out and the leaves went flying.  Stay tuned for those pictures later this week. 


Anonymous said...

Ok, the baby big arms thing had Cory and me in near tears. Hilarious! Love the cousins pictures!


Eclipsed said...

So fun! My cousins and I grew up like sisters and we're still super close. And now our kids are growing up together too and it's a wonderful thing to see. I'll also never get the chance to be just the fun aunt and it is kind of sad. If my sister ever does decide to have kids I won't be able to devote the kind of energy that she does to my daughter. I see how my daughter loves her cool/fun/wild aunt and I wish I got the chance to be that.

Kelly said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm still laughing over that doll's arms! Hilarious!!!

Barb said...

Where in the world did Baby Big Arms come from? Hilarious! Take it easy on the candy stash you family of five.

Raina and Andy said...

i love miss morgan's hair! love that you spent some time with special. wish we lived closer so i could grab each of your kiddos too. as they get older the "session" willcontinue to be different and meaningful -RR

Meg said...

I can so relate! My boys have an auntie who has spoiled them rotten. And now she has a baby, my godson, and I wonder how I can be a supportive, fun and spoiling auntie to him. Thanks for getting me thinking. :)


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