Monday, October 31, 2011

hello monday.

hello toes.

hello bows.

hello little girl about to crawl.

Hello winter....good-bye fall.

hello preschool Halloween party day.

hello little preschool buddies.

hello backpack that makes mama smile.

hello week and all the adventures that lay ahead of us.

Chili on the stove.
Orange finger jello cut out like pumpkins.
Trick or Treating as a family (Wow, my only Halloween with a 9 month old, 3 year old, and just turned 7 year old).
Focusing on the moments today and not the sugar consumption, the clock at bedtime, or the 100's of other things I always think I should be doing.

This is linked up here!


The Arizona Russums said...

i hope you have a lovely, stress-free evening and that your kids have a blast! they are adorable!

Danifred said...

Much nicer than the scrooge post I just put into the blogosphere! Have fun tonight.

Carly said...

Found your link on Lisa's blog...what cute kiddos! Happy Halloween!


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