Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Miss Sydney,

Miss Sydney,
People call you a peanut when they see and hold you.
I just assumed it was because their kiddos were bigger.  So in comparison you are a peanut.
But then on Wednesday when we took you to the doc, we had you weighed.
You have only gained a pound since August - which put me in a wee bit of a panic, since the boys have always been a bit heftier and above average. 
The pound put you at about 15 and a half pounds.  (which is the 25%)
The doc was not concerned AT. ALL.
So this gets to agree, that yes, you are a bit of a peanut. 
And I am relishing that you are still pretty petite. 

A friend had popped over yesterday and she had me prop you up by the couch in the standing position.
You did it.  And it made me laugh because you are WAY too tiny to be standing, in my eyes and heart.
I then told her that there was no need to do this again until you do it yourself.
I am enjoying your slow to crawl and move personality. 
It delights me.

The other evening you went to Charley's first scout meeting.
They practiced the scout signal...two fingers in the air.
You and I stood around the circle of boys as they practiced.
And when all 8 boys put their hand in the air...
You. did. too.

Your favorite food seems to be anything that has mango or pumpkin mixed in.
I bought a bag of frozen mango and just purred and froze it in cubes.  I bought a can of pure organic pumpkin and just dished it into cubes and froze, so now I can just make my own combinations.  I take applesauce and freeze it in cubes.  All three of these things only take 5 minutes to accomplish and it is saves

You try to say mama every once in a while. 
You make the dada sound often too.
But often times there is something that comes out that sounds like Henry. 
If you say, "where's mama? or Where's Henry? or Where's daddy?  or Where's Charley?" 
You get really smiley and excited and look for that person. 
You know us.  We love it.

Miss Sydney, you are pure joy.
And a friend said to me the other day, "Aren't you glad you went for number three.  Aren't you glad she is here.  She is amazing."  And I have said this to Ed and then added "Don't you think we would feel that way about number 4."   He just shakes his head, not saying no but rather saying "Sarah. are. crazy."  I can't imagine you not here my pretty girl.  You just fit so perfectly into our tribe.  We are definitely complete.  But man oh man, I am so glad you are here.

Love you!
Here you are...keeping an eye on the world and always turning to see what the rukas is going on behind you with your brothers.


Nothing on the agenda, except for an early morning dentist for Charley.
Love to have the house in order for the weekend.
Some one on one time with Henry.
Making sure that Miss Sydney gets her naps.
New fall music on my player down below.
New jeans make me feel like a Mama today...capitalized, important, and in a groove.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so cute! enjoy her small while you can. My baby girl is already in size 3 diapers! She is growing WAY too fast. I'd love to have my house in order for the weekend too but for us cleaning the house with little ones is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing. I just have to be happy with the fact that I know that at one point my whole house has been cleaned, it just didn't stay that way as I moved on to the next task.

The Tompkins Family said...

LOVE the update!!!

The Tompkins Family said...

p.s. - are you wearing new jeans today?!

Cara R. said...

What a great update! All 3 of my children (now 17, 12, 8) are peanuts! When my oldest was a baby, the doctor used to freak out. Seems like we had a different doctor for every.single.visit. (Military life!) I would then explain that my mother-in-law is 4'11 and my father-in-law is 5'5. And there are quite a few more "peanuts" in the family too. It always eased the doctor's mind! LOL! My 17-year old has made it to the fine height of 4'11 and has been there for several years. Seems that's where she'll stay.

How tall the boys will get remains to be seen. But, I think the youngest will be quite short for his age. He is falling right in the footsteps of our nephew who is about 5'5 and would never be accused of being heavy. ;oP

Colleen said...

Love that she is watching the world go by. Such a fantastic picture.


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