Friday, September 23, 2011

Links I's been awhile.

1.  Fitting it All in - Enjoying the Small Things

I love the message in this post.  And I loved her reflection two days later on that post with 66 Minutes to Save the World.  It reminds me of my goal this school year.  When Charley walks through that door.  To put aside my phone and turn off the computer for the 2-3 hours that he is home with us in the evening.   

2.  When I was reading this post, In Which These are the Tired Thirties, by Emerging Mummy.  I had to laugh at this statement:

Last night, Brian was out working late again and when my mother called at 7:30, I think I talked for thirty minutes straight about 87 different things because I was just so happy to talk to another grown-up.

Because I have a tendency, especially with my mom or Ed's mom, if I get you on the phone on a day when I have had little adult interaction...I will ramble on and on and on. 

3.  On Publishing Your Life on the Internet - Mrs. Flinger

I wonder about my blog friends, when I haven't heard from them in a while.   I wonder about the people that take time to read my silly thoughts, when they haven't emailed or commented.  I worry.  And then I always remember that the Internet is just a snippet of their time in life.  They often only blog about one moment in their life that week.  And they might be reading in the waiting room with only a minute to spare.  I share on here - but I don't share it all.  I liked this post. 
4.  My brother always finds the coolest things.  He found this yesterday and I think it was pretty cool and so did my boys.  Draw a stickman!  SERIOUSLY, check it out with your kiddos.


Kelly said...

That's MIL sent me a link to that website for drawing a stickman last night. :)

CanadianMama said...

Yeah, I liked that one about sharing on the internet. It's so true!


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