Wednesday, September 28, 2011

cruisin' along...

Spending my days with these two busy beans has me smiling.
Today we had a burst of summer.
The temps are in the 70s.
The windows are wide open.
Shorts/dresses/short bittersweet to go through Syd's closet yesterday and work on transitioning things to more cooler temps.  I got sick to my stomach piling up the cute outfits that she only wore a time or two before she out grew them or the temperatures dipped too low for.  Can't believe she is now moving past the 8 month mark.  It is going way to fast.  But today bring out the little bare feet! 
Come February I will never again have the youngest grandchild. 
The new little cousin will arrive and Miss Syd will be a whopping 1 years old.
She'll be running with the big boys.

Henry has surpassed my expectations on coming to terms with preschool.
Yipee.  Once again blessed.

Miss Syd spent an hour with Ms. Shari and helpers at our ECFE class today.  I sat in with the parents and talked recipes and feeding picky eaters.  We all agreed before our littles came banging into the room that our one hour a day, behind the secret window that lets us observe our tinies in action...makes us all better moms and dads.  It makes us all a little more deliberate in our choices during the week.  I almost dropped the class because Syd got a runny nose after our first class.  But Ed has been to the class.  He has listened to the moms chat and discuss and he has seen me after class.  And he told me I should stick with it.  A few germs will only expose Miss Syd and build up her immunities.  So we will keep on ...keepin' up with crew at ECFE.
Plus, Henry seriously, hooted and hollered "YES! YES! YES!" when he heard it was Ms. Shari day.  I know that there will be experiences I will look back on with NO REGRET some day.  And knowing Ms. Shari and Ms. Nina and the tribe of moms that come from all walks of life is one of the best things that I get to have in my pocket as a stay at home mom.  They are my water cooler chit chat friends.   They are the one constant place where I get to ponder parenting ideas.

My mom arrives today.  She will be here for a good 6 days.  There isn't too much on our agenda that is written in stone.  But I always know that everything is more fun when she is here, whether I show it to her all the time or not.  As her daughter, I do tend to relax and show my crabby side more easily.  I do notice that it now comes out with Ed's mom too....she should take it as the biggest compliment in the world because it means I love and trust that she will keep lovin' me ...even when I am a snit.

Charley should be on his way home in the near future.  So we are going to go catch a bonus dose of natural late September Minnesota vitamin D. 

Wondering what your thoughts are on what kind of milk you are drinking.  Today at ECFE we discussed that skim milk has all the good fat taken out of it leaving it with an ample amount of sugar.  And the recommendations these days are to drink 1 or 2 %.  We had just switched to skim because of Ed's cholesterol or something.  Now I am tempted to switch back.  Curious if you have thoughts on this. 


Anonymous said...

I say stick with the 2% for the kids. This is an important time for their bones growing, teeth developing, etc. Especially in winter when the sun doesn't expose them to Vit D. Just sayin'

Tracey Ann in WI (Barb's friend)

PS: An milk is still my son's favorite drink, even before beer!!!

CanadianMama said...

Oh, she sits in cars now!! Love!

The Tompkins Family said...

She looks so grown up in the car! How did that happen?!

We're skim milk drinkers. I didn't think there was a lot of sugar in milk? Sam even drinks the skim milk but I figure it's okay because we eat full fat everything else dairy...cheese, yogurt and whatnot.


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