Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tribe today.

My tribe.

Today we roll.
We leave our comfort zone and trek to the big city.

Even though Syd was up a number of times last night and seemed...not content. Which means this morning I am savoring my latte and hoping for a burst of patience and energy to get us through our adventures at the children's museum. But we will roll into St. Paul with a friend who usually travels with 4...and today she will only have I feel like I will have support.

And are there any other mamas out there that find they can dig deeper and find reserves of patience and energy, that you didn't know you had, when you are out and about with your littles...That is true for me ALL. THE. TIME.  Maybe it is the fact that there is the possibility that others are watching, maybe there is the distractions, maybe new adventures are just fun, or maybe... we mothers are just built for this thing called motherhood...

The patience of a mother might be likened to a tube of toothpaste - it's never quite all gone.
- Author Unknown

*Children's Museum
*Quiet time in the afternoon...since I just discovered that we have about 1 more week of some new cartoon Sprout...and so will my boys this afternoon.  haha!
*Early to bed.


The Tompkins Family said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Have fun!

Kelly said...

SO wish I was there!

jessica said...

You ladies will have a great day! The kiddos too! I need to copy your last plan for the day....go to bed early! Staying up too late these days!

The Mama said...

Love that quote - and how true it is!! Hope its a great day and I hope you can get to bed early tonight!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I am always on the lookout for those burst of patience. :) made me smile.


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