Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ticking things off our summer bucket list on a daily basis.   Only a few things yet to do..and a few substitutes to we won't be hopping on a light rail, just me and the tribe, who even thought that was a good mom of three...hopping on public transportation with an infinite amount of patience...well, patience isn't around these days in infinite amounts.  But we did conquer a ferry ride over the great Lake Superior.  So there!

Children's Museum Summer 2011.

That is independent face painting...not war wounds.

Summer thoughts that I have appreciated these days:

Learn to Love and Let it Go...Memories on Clover Lane

This is my favorite blog and it's focus is on older kids and it is totally helping me realize that this summer passing only means more fun summers ahead, where my children are older and more capable of fun rather than constant entertaining and helping.  Each stage is a thrill.  71 Toes or Life on my side bar.

How to lose your sh$# prior to school starting...Mrs. Flinger
Most of the blogs out there right now are reflecting on the summer ending.  And most are all agreeing that it is time.  And it is okay to do a happy dance and anticipate the fall changes.

Back to School, Back to Sanity....Huffington Post  Thanks Kristen for posting on facebook.

*Relishing a possible day of not leaving our house...although nothing is for sure.
*Labeling school supplies.
*skipping prunes with Syd since she broke out by spoonful 4 last night.
*my lego tower will be bigger than my boys. just sayin'.
*packing my bag because tomorrow Syd and I leave on a jet plane.  Eeek!  Mama, daughter, carry on, I do it?


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Yes I have loved a couple of those links too:)
I am finding not everything will get done on our summer list either. Somethings, Hayden just doesn't want to do and others, well where did the time go?
Good idea about the school supplies, I always forget that it needs to be labeled, and pencils sharpened.

April Kaiser said...

Yes! You can do it! Hardest part will be trying to go to the bathroom while holding Sydney. You will probably have to do it while she is strapped to you :)
I can't believe summer is coming to an end!

Barb said...

YES! Yes you can do it, and you will be so proud. What a wonderful husband to enjoy guy time this weekend while you enjoy girl time.


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