Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This summer we had natural fun.
Fun in nature.
There were just sticks.

and brothers.


and grandma!


And a little sister watching....

her brother build with concentration.

She wondered...


and they posed.

They attempted the picnic lunch in their fort...as just brothers.

But before I made it back to the kitchen they had snuck to the deck.

There were moments this summer where the play was natural.

And then today, our last free day of summer, when I ask Charley if there is anything else he REALLY wanted to do this summer....he shares his desire.  And it is COMPLETELY opposite of playing with sticks in the silence of the woods.  With a deer running by, stopping to stare, and the boys finding their confidence and stepping towards the creature.  Nope, today will not be filled with this kind of fun.  But it will be fun.  Stay tuned to find out what Charley wanted to do - on this last day of summer, at home...with nothing on our agenda. 

1 comment:

Danifred said...

What a wonderful set of photos. I'm sure they will cherish those memories forever.


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